Monday, March 23, 2015

A Moose Needs An Office To Work

A moose is lost and ends up in an office in Germany. The animal, a male aged between two and three years, has remained trapped between the wall and the glass for four hours. The animal probably came from Poland. Photo: Animal EFEEl probably came from Poland.

The migratory journey undertaken by a moose in Poland has probably finished today in an office building in Dresden, eastern Germany, where the animal has been stuck for four hours between a crystal and a wall. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to do go outside, local zoo staff shot him several darts with narcotics and has thus ended the show, which has attracted hundreds of visitors to the area.

A Moose Needs An Office To Work

The moose, a male aged between two and three years, had already been sighted in the region on Friday and today has reached one of the industrial estates in Dresden. To escape the wrath of the police and many curious surprised by their presence in the area, the animal has passed through the glass door of one of the buildings, whose entry has been blocked for hours. The moose, the largest wild mammal in Europe, has begun in recent years to return to the forests of Germany, which was considered extinct since the Middle Ages. Regardless of animals annually cross the border from Poland to German lands, experts estimate that can live permanently a dozen copies in the country.

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