Sunday, April 5, 2015

Inter Will Be Terminated By Racial Slur In TJD-RS

In an interview with Sport TV late on Friday, the prosecutor's Sports Court of Rio Grande do Sul, Alberto Franco, said it would report by International racial slur the left side Fabrizio. The incident would have occurred in the output of the fielder in the victory by 1-0 on the Ypiranga, on Wednesday, after the player reacted with obscene gestures to the boos that had been receiving. Fabricio was expelled on account of the incident and came to shoot the club shirt on the floor, which motivated the wrath of fans who came to celebrate the fact that he received a red card.

Since the end of the game, a video circulating on the internet shows several fans offending Fabrizio in the output of the lawn. One of them would be speaking the word "monkey", but the image is inconclusive and does not give the certainty of the use of the term by the fan, which already gave interviews denying emphatically the charge.

Inter Will Be Terminated By Racial Slur In TJD-RS

"In no time I said 'monkey'. I'm black, my parents are black, my wife is black. "Under no circumstances I would have offended it that way," said Vinicius Passion, colorado in the video cursing the player so more vehement, in an interview with Radio Guaiba. "I cursed him, but within the limit. I said, 'will take on **, ****!'. It is clear," he adds.

It was a testimony of the journalist Luciano Potter, on Twitter, which led to the prosecution to make the complaint. And Potter confirms that passion not offended Fabricio, but other fans yes ". Racist insults against Fabricio heard were not carried out by the guy in the video discussion went out across the same tunnel," said the journalist.

"The investigation could be based only on video images. However, as was the testimony of journalist coming to the realization of racial slurs, I believe that there is sufficient evidence to provide the complaint," said Franco. The International should only rule on the case when actually receiving the complaint. The Slav, the legal vice Club, Marcelo Freitas and Castro, said he understood that "the college can not be ordered by the attitude of a person."

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