Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah Recruitment Crisis

Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah Recruitment Crisis

GARBAGENEWS, Beirut - The crisis of combat troops in the Shiite organization Hezbollah of Lebanon has recently started sticking to the surface. The situation for three years as the involvement in the fighting in Syria.

Reporting from Al-Arabiya on Wednesday (29/04), the observers saw Lebanese Shi'ite Hezbollah recruitment crisis. It happened because of the fear and concerns of their followers. Renowned online portals Lebanon, Lebanon Now, also to talk about it. In its report, the portal said Hezbollah militants opened 600 new recruitment in the area of ​​Baqa.

But surprisingly, said Lebanon Now, the number of applicants who entered less than 150 people. Whereas Baqa area known as the largest human resources owned by this organization formed by Iran. It forced Hezbollah to form a special committee to investigate the causes of the members refused recruited combat troops. While Hezbollah promised salaries high enough for cadres to be recruited.

According to the spread information, the cause of many cadres refused to be militia fighters as part of a protest over Hezbollah's involvement in various conflicts in the Middle East, especially in Syria. Analysts linked the cause of many very young fighters in the ranks of Hezbollah, to fill the empty adults who are willing to join.

As is known, the Shiite Hezbollah involvement in the fighting in Syria give a blow to the movement of the Iranian-financed. In addition to many commanders and their best cadres were killed, their participation in the fighting in Syria in row Bashar Assad that make their origin place have been targeted by islamic mujahideen.

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