Saturday, April 18, 2015

Russian Missiles in Iran, Damn Dangerous

Russian Missiles in Iran, Damn Dangerous
Iran is Dangerous Country Now
US military capacity is "intact". Tehran's acquisition of Russian anti-aircraft missiles S-300 would not diminish America's ability to hit any Iranian nuclear facilities.  Tehran's acquisition of Russian anti-aircraft missile batteries S-300 would not diminish America's ability to hit any Iranian nuclear facilities, said Thursday the US Joint Forces Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey.

"The military option" to prevent if any Iranians to have a nuclear bomb "is intact," said the general at a joint press conference with the Minister of Defense Ashton Carter.

"We already known for several years that this system could be sold to Iran, and we have taken into account in all our plans," said General Dempsey. Moscow decided this week to lift the ban on Iran to deliver ground-air S-300 batteries. Vladimir Putin believes that this decision is justified by the conclusion of a framework agreement on April 2 between Tehran and major powers on Iran's nuclear program. Israel has reacted strongly to this announcement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had expressed his concern Vladimir Putin on an initiative that will, according to him, increase the "aggressiveness" of Iran in the region.

For its part, the spokesman of the White House referred to the "concerns" American about this potential sale. And Vice President Joe Biden said that the decision to conduct such sales showed how the Russian economy was weakened, especially by Western sanctions related to the Ukrainian crisis.

Tehran said expect to receive the Russian anti-aircraft batteries this year. "The military option" against an Iranian military nuclear program, designed both to encourage the negotiation of a diplomatic solution, and have a way to act if the negotiations fail, recalled General Dempsey. A final agreement on the Iranian nuclear must take place by late June.

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