Sunday, May 3, 2015


EAZY2FLY NANO DRONE A few flying objects are as practical as a drone (or a quadricopter) - and as the tingling in your stomach when you let them fly. Eazy2Fly is a mini drone that can be wonderfully fly between the chair legs in the kitchens through - you'll only to stop if someone threatens violence. You think drones are only to spy there? Far from it. Most have only the purpose to put you in your free time maximum fun. These nano-drone is no exception. She does not even have a camera.

Instead, there is a controller that you can fly the drone in a short time with the utmost precision - and far less concentration need like a helicopter pilot. A quick tug on the control lever and slides it, whether inside or out, a somewhat stronger jerk and she flies a loop. Since you do not mind a few splashes of water, you can slither and make waves pretty with small propellers it above the water at the pool or lake.

Product features Eazy2Fly Nano Drone:
Small drone / quadricopter
4 different colors, the color can not be selected
Controlling with a controller
Size: 4 x 4 x 2 cm
Weight: 11 grams
Made of impact-resistant plastic
Withstand splashes of water from
Battery operation
The full recharge lasts 15-20 minutes, then can be flown up to 5 minutes
The controller is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included. They can also be ordered on this page
Station Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Range: 20-30 meters
Package Contents:
Eazy2Fly Nano Drone
USB charging cable
2 pieces Extra-propeller

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