Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sega Toys Homestar

Sega Toys Homestar
Sega Toys Homestar. Few moments are as magical as when one is under a clear starry sky. Now you can have the feeling of home for you! Surely you have also the experienced before: a perfect starry night while you are lying for some reason outside in the back and look into the endless sky. This is simply magical. Except that it often is also quite fresh and the floor and you may lie a little hard just on earth, because you have been slipped.

Sega Toys Homestar Planetarium is an original, with which you can pick up the starry night sky to your house in the heat. Just take out the light, Sega Toys Homestar Original deputy on the floor, put a one of the two discs and pressing the ON button. Instant shine 60000 stars to your ceiling, where they rotate slowly, just like the real sky. If you want, you can watch the stars and the constellations display, and you can also adjust a Shooting Star Random! The only drawback is probably that there is nothing to be desired at the shooting stars, because your life with Sega Toys Homestar original is already perfect. But so you can maybe live.

Product features Sega Toys Homestar Original:
Planetarium that conjures up a starry sky of stars 60,000 your ceiling!
Also suitable for projection on the wall
Ultra-bright white light LED 3W
Projection area: circle with about 270 cm diameter
Dimensions Sega Toys Homestar Original: 15 x 18 cm, 15 cm diameter
Brand device from the market leader Sega Toys
Shooting Stars function
Projection distance: 150-230 cm / li>
The projected starry sky has a diameter of about 270 cm
Timer function
Package Contents:
1 Sega Toys Homestar Original
2 Star Discs (one with and one without displaying the constellations)
1 Manual
1 power cord

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