Sunday, May 3, 2015

USB SPEAKER, The Water Dancing

USB SPEAKER, The Water Dancing
USB SPEAKER "WATER DANCING" Now you can organize at home a fat house party on the computer with you! These speakers have six LEDs in different colors and contain a fluid that moves to the beat of the music!  It can be that night club visits so much fun, because there have to work all the senses together (ie apart from the great drinks and the good-looking guys and gals times) The music is accompanied by colorful, flashing lights and bouncing spots, provide together for a holistic experience. So, we at Cool Stuff firmly believe!

And now you need for this experience not even to go to the club, but you can celebrate at home on your own computer fats House Party with you! Just close Water Dancing Speakers via the USB port and the cable through the headphone output at the computer on, and you're done. Match your favorite tune from, and immediately start the water jets in the speakers to bounce in time to the music. These six LEDs light up in different colors! You can us believe: the water speakers at home are the new "clubbing"

Product Features USB speakers:
Send water speaker with LEDs and a liquid which jumps in time to the music!
The bouncing liquid is a non-toxic, non-combustible vegetable oil
Dimensions: 26 cm (height), 8.5 cm (diameter)
Power: 3 W RMS per channel
Weight: 530 grams (both speakers together)
Connection via the 3.5mm input
USB mode (battery not needed)
Frequency range: 90Hz ~ 1800Hz
Six LEDs
Cable length: 1.2 meters

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