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3 hidden settings in Firefox

3 hidden settings in Firefox
Firefox offers a whole range of practical features that make surfing the Internet more convenient. In addition, there are many options for an individual operation of the browser. Less known are the hidden settings of the Internet program. In this paper, we show you how to find and use the secret features.

Firefox offers beyond the menu various settings. When it comes to the Internetzurgang, the browser Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular programs. That's no wonder, because the browser is very easy for computer novices to use, yet provides enough features to make even computer professionals get their costs. Less well known is the fact that Firefox offers numerous hidden adjusting wheel over which the use can be optimized.

Fnd the hidden settings of Firefox
To find the secret of Firefox features, restart the browser and type in the address bar, the command "about: config". Quite safe settings are not, therefore, presents the browser now a security dialogue, you must first with one click ", promised I'll be careful" to confirm. Where else can show up the website, Firefox presents now a list of settings that you can manipulate. Please be careful with experiments, because if not handled properly, the configuration can also cause problems.

3 settings that you should try using Firefox
The settings for Firefox are as versatile as useful. Not every option should change, although there are some settings that might be of interest to almost every user. To track down the individual settings in the very long list, use best the search window that appears above the displayed options. The changes themselves then make the entry.

1. Open searches in new tab
If you use the search box in the toolbar of Firefox, the search result is always shown on the currently displayed page. To automatically open the hit list in a new tab, go to the setting "browser.search.openintab". Click the entry twice, so that appears under "value" of the item "true".

2. Detailed preview in the taskbar
If you leave the cursor for a while lingering over a Firefox icon, a representation of the currently open page appears. A preview of the open tabs you do not receive. The leaves are changing. Find this on the command "browser.taskbar.previews.enable". Insert here the value by clicking on "true".

3. Insert clipboard mouse wheel
Pressing the middle mouse button or the scroll wheel on Firefox really no meaning. You can assign an additional function key so. If you are eager to give, for example a term that you have copied somewhere under Windows in the clipboard to the search of Firefox you can Simply set the mouse in the search window and then press the middle mouse button or the mouse wheel. Search to select "middlemouse.paste". and put the entry in the "Value" box by double clicking on "true".

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