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Backache scoliosis problem

Backache scoliosis problem
Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and prepares those concerned from a certain degree of curvature often pain and discomfort. In growing children, a scoliosis be treated properly - with advancing age only helps gym or in the worst case an operation.

Backache scoliosis
Back pain is the most common disease of the German people, which is particularly due to too frequent and incorrect sitting. By permanently wrong or excessive strain on the back there is disc herniation that can lead the way to motion and disability.

However, not all back pain is self-inflicted, but have an organic and often congenital cause. For example, scoliosis is a classic example of a deformity of the spine, which may be accompanied by severe pain and limitations.

What is scoliosis?
A normal grown spine is shaped like a S. In scoliosis, the spine is bent sideways and individual vertebrae are twisted. Postural, an incorrect loading of intervertebral discs and associated pain and limited mobility are the consequences.

Applies for scoliosis that it is stronger the older the patients are. The sooner that is, a malformation of the spine is detected, the sooner the scoliosis can be treated. For a treatment, however, patients must still growing - at a full-grown spine can only be countered with gymnastics.

Corset for children, gymnastics for adults
Children and adolescents can be treated even with a customized brace depending on the severity of their Wirbelsäulendeformierung. The limitations of this corset, however, are enormous, which is why many children and young people refuse this treatment. Who can not treat his scoliosis must expect the progressive age with regular back pain. Even herniated discs are common through the permanent false stress on the intervertebral discs.

At a curvature of the spine greater than 20 degrees, many doctors prescribe their patients Wirbelsäulengymnastik that need this exercise usually over years. By strengthening the back muscles is the passage upright and the entire load, the spine has to bear, is held better with support from the muscles.

Regular check-ups are mandatory
It is important that a scoliosis is checked regularly by a doctor. Without treatment and without proper gymnastics the distortion is getting worse and there is heavy movement restrictions. With a pronounced scoliosis may even surgery be considered, which is, however, not without risk, as it happened close to the spinal cord.

Parents whose children suffer from scoliosis should support this consistently definitely in exercising their physiotherapy exercises, because especially at a young age so that scoliosis can still be curbed. If the regular gym neglected, the scoliosis can worsen and lead to problems later than in adulthood.
Is interesting to know that scoliosis is not by poor posture - created - for example, triggered by the frequent wearing a bag on one shoulder. 90% of deformities occur during growth and without an identifiable cause.

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