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Children Household Problem

Children Household Problem
How are children in the household self-employed? Some young people are completely overwhelmed in the household. Cook food only works with the microwave, as the washing machine works is not known. How does it provide parents that their children are self-employed?

Children Household
Young people should be able to up your own bed, to cook after school itself or sometimes to turn the washing machine. In everyday life, the is often different. But not always the reluctance of young due to their laziness. In many cases, prevent parents with their behavior and self-employment of teenagers.

Include children from the outset
Infants show particularly strong interest in all household chores. For like they want to be like the adults and help everywhere. Therefore, try already to delegate the children at this age their own household activities. A three year old child, for example, takes joy from the laundry drying rack from. Plastering or service duties in the kitchen can be already adopted by young children.

Bring on the patience and let the children work independently, even if it sometimes takes longer. It does not help if you keep all of their children, because you can make it even faster and better or because you might not want to burden the child.

At what age should my child what can?
Do not be swayed by ages who want to impose on them again and again, what children at what age may need. Every child develops individually and makes its own development steps. Promote it therefore in accordance with its level of development. Often show children alone interest. Then you should take it to them, however, did not deny.

Let carry from the very beginning your child as much as possible on their own. It must also accept that not everything equal succeed right away or something looks perfect, as you would have done it himself. Then bitching Do not but praise the effort and the result achieved. Access is not always immediate. Children learn primarily through observation, but also need to have their own experiences. So it may sometimes happen that the food from burning or I break something.

Talking about the need of domestic work
Especially pubescent teens do not understand that they should help in the household. Nevertheless, you should always try with your children to talk about the distribution of household tasks and to demand help. Help them understand that the necessary work then caught up to you and you have the same right to leisure as your offspring. Run it in mind that he disgraced himself when he can not even move into his own bed on the school trip.

Let calm sometimes the laundry are, if you get no support. Do not stand over the weekend in the kitchen and cooking for the whole week before lunch. Young people can cook a meal itself quite well again. If you can not permanently rely on a stock, they report all by itself their interest in cooking at.

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