Saturday, June 20, 2015

Does your dog have eye problems?

Does your dog have eye problems?
You go for a walk with your dog and want to search games with treats. But no matter how visible you place the treat, your dog finds it only after repeated sniffing. Now you're wondering whether your dog has eye problems? Therefore Read here what you should know about the dog's eyes.

Dog eye problems
Not found treats: Does your dog have eye problems? Unlike the human eye, the eye of the dog has more rods than cones. This will allow your dog to see movements even at long range - much better than we can. Visual acuity is considerably worse than ours, and therefore dogs have often identify difficulties details. A fleeing deer, you can easily follow with the look, but if you have the mentioned treats or a morsel of meat in front of the nose, then they do not see this. To find it, you need your nose.

Nose is flooded with stimuli
Your dog has therefore generally no eye problems, but just a different basis. What the eyes do not have enough is balanced by the nose again: namely, by their attention to detail. That's why your dog smells exactly what you had for lunch and whether or how long you have petted the neighbor's dog.

 But even with the hidden object game for the treat, or at a the game thrown chunks of meat, his nose must first orient. Only after repeated sniffing finds your dog the treat. Why? Because the sense of smell of your dog is 1,000 times better than your - and even the smallest treats the whole living room smells of it. Your dog experienced quite simply a overstimulation of the nose.

So the search will treat to success
Make it your dog easier to really find a hidden treat or thrown into play also. Only then, he has a real sense of achievement. Use a treat as a reward, which stands out from the background. Then ensure that you have the attention of your dog and he follows with his eyes the reward - he has before the general direction of Leckerchens and may find it easier. So do not worry about possible eye problems.

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