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Flower Photography Made Easy: Tips for macro photography

Tips for macro photography
The macro photography is one of the most fascinating areas in the photography. With a little skill and patience you can do with her highly detailed photographs that will delight any viewer because macro photographs make things visible that are to the naked eye hardly to be recognized.

Tips for macro photography
Macro shots of flowers are especially suitable for beginners. For beginners especially flowers and plants useful as exercise motives. Unlike insects, the photographer can take their time with the settings and the adjustment because the flowers can not just shoot away. In our photo tip macro photography we reveal some tricks to help you manage your recordings better.

1. Determine the image detail
First of all you should consider which part of the plant you are particularly interested. Particularly beautiful are naturally macro shots of petals. For macro photography there are special macro lenses which facilitate shooting. If you do not have a macro lens, try as close as possible to zoom in on your subject.

2. Choosing the right perspective
Play with the prospects. The most frequently chosen by photographers is the position from above (bird's eye). This can become quite monotonous in the long run. Just play around with the opportunities offered angles. To make the photos more interesting and varied, for example, the side chosen perspectives are. Also shots from below (Froschperspektive) can reveal interesting details of photo object.

In macro photography as opposed to landscape or portrait photography does not have to be taken to align the camera to the horizon in perspective to get good pictures. A real advantage, because depending on the angle of inclination of the plant, you can align your camera at the same angle without the picture quality is adversely affected.

3. Correct the tonal
To comprehensively as possible exploit entire color spectrum, you should make a Levels with a photo editing software afterwards. Who does not want to fall back on the standard software Photoshop for cost reasons, is the free program GIMP is a good alternative that delivers great results. The best degree of correction should be set manually, as you may be miteinfließen your personal preference in the photo.

4. Insert blur accentuates
It is often not possible to achieve a continuous Schärfeverlauf the photo. So why not take advantage of this effect and put it specifically in your picture? The depth of field in macro photography is just a few millimeters as opposed to microphotography. This offers several advantages and can create exciting visual effects. To do this, while you focus on the priority and the smallest aperture parallel the flower. This "blurring" of the background, is therefore out of focus. The flower is however retain their sharpness and stands out from the image.

5. Playing with diffuse light
Not only in the great outdoors, and at home can be found in plants great photo opportunities for macro photography. If you prepare for the recording, please make sure to position the plant so the window that not in direct sunlight. Lateral light causes namely that the plant uptake receives more depth and appears not as flat and featureless. When taking pictures, the camera should be doing is at eye level with the plant, since the recording looks so harmonious. It is best to use a tripod to prevent camera shake.

6. Marko Rain Photography
Although rain usually not among the most popular weather conditions, in macro photography is achieved great effects by utilizing the raindrops on the plant as a photo opportunity for themselves. Here you can choose the best time shortly after it has stopped raining. It is ideal for the plants Photography, as the raindrops on the leaves and flowers give off a great macro photo opportunity. Blur in the images you avoid by using a tripod.

If you have no desire to wait for the next downpour, just play even a little weather gods. With a spray bottle armed, you can create your own raindrops by lightly spray the plant with water.

6. Macro shooting at Wind
Suddenly emerging wind already some recording has spoiled. Here, a lower shutter speed remedy. An exposure time of at least 1/250 can the Wind "freeze" and your photo succeed. However, if you want to take the wind movements for themselves and their motive, should choose a slower shutter speed that captures the movement of the flower in the wind and the picture gives a certain dynamic.

Tip: The best macro photos are perfect not only for your photo album. Also on the digital home is a fascinating macro shot their best advantage. Simply leave your recording as a poster print on real photo paper. This will even enable your visitors amazed.

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