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Friday: working day or not?

Friday: working day or not?
GARBAGE NEWS. Working days, Saturdays, holidays ... The term jungle is not always clear, and especially when it comes to want to concede a nodule is why it is important to know whether the Saturday is a working day or not. Finally, the parking signs are not always clear and have already taken care of one way or another penalty. You can read more in this article!

Saturday is working day
Saturdays are working days! Many people wonder regularly at store opening times, public transport, parking signs, with speed limit signs, for payments or noise restrictions about what makes the term working day really means exactly.

"Open only on weekdays," "Parking weekdays 8-18 clock forbidden" or "allowed trucks on the highway only on weekdays". Refers to the now also on Saturdays or on the day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

Saturdays are working days!
By law, three different types of days, can be distinguished. Working days, Sundays and holidays. On all working days before starting to work without the need for special rules or limitations have to be used.

There are, for example, for people who work on Sundays or public holidays, surcharges on wages. Workdays officially has also Saturday. Whether this day actually is a working day, is different individually.

Saturday or working day? When should you park your car easily
Will you now so leave by 15 clock your car in a parking lot, where a sign says no parking "Weekdays, 9-18 clock", you should look for another parking lot to avoid a parking ticket. In this case, Saturday is not specifically excluded, making it one as a working day. Nodules that are collected on a Saturday in this way, are legally valid.

Stands on a No Stopping sign on a parking lot "Weekdays, Mon-Fri, 9-18h", then you are allowed to make on Saturdays at this place without hesitation. Most will be made clear by adding signs or additional information, which days are affected precisely by Halteverbot. In this way, misunderstandings are to be avoided.

In which areas is the distinction between working days, working days and weekends still relevant?
In public transport or from Deutsche Bahn Saturdays are also considered working days. This must be considered when studying a roadmap if Saturdays are not shown separately.

A special regulation concerning the tenancy law. So Saturdays are for rental payments do not count as business days, what the Supreme Court has ruled in a landmark judgment. More on this topic can be read here!

Whether working on Saturdays, is different from industry to industry
In the retail sector or in some schools on Saturdays worked or taught. Postman and parcel delivery also work on Saturdays, which is why it can also happen that the postman will ring at the weekend with you. Banks work on Saturdays usually not know why, for example, remittances only can be carried out repeatedly on Mondays, when the weekend has already been reached.

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