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Hiking on the Funen island

Hiking on the Funen island
Walking holiday on the Danish island of Funen. The Danish island of Funen, which lies on the Baltic Sea, is characterized by a hilly and varied landscape. Thanks to the numerous hiking trails can also experience good hiking the unique nature of the extensive 3,000 square kilometer island in Denmark. Walking holiday on the Danish island of Funen: thatched house. But also of the cultural characteristics hikers can realize some of Funen. Half-timbered houses with thatched roofs and without, which hikers traveling repeatedly encounter, are also characteristic of Funen as the Castles, a few windmills and historic sites. One of the most famous castles is the Egeskow castle with its gardens in the palace gardens.

Holiday on Funen: practical information
Whoever wants to travel from Germany or any other country from the euro zone to Denmark, is best before departure swap Danish kroner. Withdrawing money from Danish holiday fall depending on the bank on expensive fees. Since Denmark participates as the only non-euro country at the exchange rate agreements ERM II, the central rate of the Danish krone against the euro is stable. This Agreement specifies namely that the central rate of the currency may fluctuate against the euro by more than 15 percent.

By car takes travelers two ways to Funen: via one of the two bridges in Skoghøj lead via which the E20 motorway and the highway 161, or by ferry from the nearby south-west of the island of Funen As. Other options exist for arrival by train from Germany over the Jutland Peninsula. A night train departs from some German cities up to Odense, where regional trains run from to different places on the island. There is also a smaller airport in Odense. The major airports in Billund on the mainland as well as in Copenhagen are served by more airlines.

For accommodation are walking tourists on Fyn several options available. For hikers who fully explore the island on foot, to tents offers. On Funen, there are numerous campsites and some proven availability, which may be used by non-motorized travelers. By the way to book a luggage transport for their baggage hikers when needed.

More comfortable than in a tent you can stay at a hotel in the places. Those who prefer to discover from a fixed location from the Danish island or traveling with the whole family, for a suitable holiday house. Information about possible accommodations on Funen there are for example on this website. The infrastructure of Fyn is so well developed that tourists come from all accommodation easily to all attractions and points of departure for hiking.

Hiking on the island of Funen
The island of Funen is characterized by a partly hilly, partly marked by meadows and fields landscape with rivers, forests and a large variety of plants and animals. To the west of the island rises in Assens a cliff, which was created in the last ice age 14,000 years ago. The South Funen Sea includes a total of 55 smaller islands. On the peninsula Hindsholm in the Northeast is the peninsula Langø. Hindsholm is among other things a bird paradise.

Between Langø and Fynshoved is a passage grave. Are the breeding grounds of the birds at the top of the northernmost headland. Much of the island is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. All of these places can be easily hike thanks to the well-developed network of hiking trails.

Especially many seabirds there on the peninsula Hindsholm
Some nice trails. The Archipelago Trail (Øhavsstien): The Øhavsstien, as this trail is in the national language is a total of about 220 kilometers long. It runs from Faldsled about Svendborg to Søby. On one side of the path are the Funen Alps, on the other hand, the Danish South Sea. But the path is not only a hiking trail, but also part of a conservation project. According to media reports already monocultures were curbed from conifers in Swanninge Bakker in favor of species-rich mixed forests and promoted lean meadows where wildflowers and herbs growing in this context. The grazing of cattle Argus contributes to this species richness.

Trails in Südwestfünen: South of Assens extends about a stepped hill called Vissenbjerg Bakker in three major stages. On the "stage" below Vissenbjerg start most of the local hiking trails, which run on the southern edge of the stage. The second and third stages offer views of the hills and Frøbjerg Brændholt Bakker. From Legyden am See from reach hikers on this trail. On the southeast, of Assens peninsula Helnæs Hiking is possible in the grasslands. In summer there are flowers on the hills. For this area includes 300 acres of meadows and field area.

Peninsula Hindsholm: The Hindsholm peninsula surrounded by the sea and the fjord, is characterized by a diverse nature and a large bird population. It contains some flat spots, but also cliffs. Here it is possible to hike to the top of the headlands and Langø Fynshoved.

Mudflats in the north: A slightly different walking tour can be done in the north of Funen. So it is possible to hike through the Wadden Sea, for example, to no longer inhabited island Æbelø. This way is even marked according to a time-reportage with colorful wooden piles.

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