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Homeopathic remedy Lac caprinum

Lac caprinum
The homeopathic remedy Lac caprinum is a rarely used technique that is used especially for children. It can help with fears, headaches and aggressive behavior changes. But only if it's really shown, it will also show an effect. How do you know Lac caprinum in practice, can be found here.

Lac caprinum
Lac caprinum can help with anxiety, headaches and aggressive behavior changes. The homeopathic milk means. The homeopathic means milk, including Lac caprinum, heard the goat's milk, have some similarities. Often there is a problem in the mother-child relationship. This was perhaps due to a lack of early childhood too insecure (bond issue) or there are problems since weaning. Mostly, there is a desire, a reluctance or an intolerance to milk.

Lac caprinum - the mental image
The striking psychological characteristics at Lac caprinum are anger, coupled with anxiety. On one hand, these people often have fears, especially of persecution and a sense of helplessness. They may also be wary and suspicious. Maybe they think they would speak ill of them. As long as they feel well treated, they are friendly. But if they feel that they are injured or attacked, they can be very angry and spiteful.

This anger may be uncontrollable and ensure that strike children. They fight stubbornly for their own freedom. Then they want to sometimes go to bed and lie down. Overall, the children (and adults) who need Lac caprinum can be quite restless and anxious. Even otherwise, they also often timid and shy. This polarity is a focal point of the center image.

Physical priorities of Lac caprinum
Lac caprinum is not a particularly well-proved resources, which is why there are relatively few physical symptoms in the homeopathic literature. Focuses on the head with headache, especially in the forehead, above the eyes. This may also be a migraine. After waking up in the sun and the headache worse.

Acne, especially around the mouth and nose, is another typical sign of Lac caprinum. In addition, symptoms may occur in the musculoskeletal system. Neck pain and neck stiffness are represented as well as a sprained or gezerrter pain in the legs. There may be a large demand for fried food, for milk, and for sweets at Lac caprinum.

Conclusion: Of course Lac caprinum can also help in many other Complaining. One can feel a bit like a treasure proved means imagine that is only partially lifted. If the mental image and fits the specifics of milk means are met, all kinds of diseases and symptoms can be cured, which are not yet listed in the literature.

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