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How to find the right flooring

How to find the right flooring
Heavy furniture, the feet of many visitors and scratchy heels - these are just a few of the everyday burdens that must endure a floor. The correct selection of a suitable floor is in every home is an important decision that should be made according to personal requirements. Floors must endure every day stresses of various kinds. Chairs are pulled away from the table and returned again, when going woman wearing heels and the children play on the floor with toys around. But not in every household lives a woman wearing scratchy heels. Also, there is not in every household children playing. It soon becomes clear that there are in every house different requirements to be met by the floor - and this, consumers need to be aware of first.

Determine the requirements for the floor
The future floor is selected not only according to the wishes of consumers in terms of its appearance. There are floors that are particularly resistant, others are extremely easy to clean. Depending on the respective requirements, which can be found in the budget, a corresponding floor is to be selected. To find these requirements, consumers should first create a checklist with personal wishes, which is to meet the floor. In a second checklist all challenges are collected, which must overcome the floor (children playing, heavy furniture, etc.).

Select Using the two checklists consumers then a floor from which satisfies the most points of both lists. The wide range of floor coverings on illustrates how many different floor coverings there are today. The most important of which we present in the port.

The parquet flooring is one of the oldest, which is just as popular today as in the time of industrialization in the 19th century. At that time moved to parquet flooring of narrow wooden elements with thin steel nails and high quality adhesives. In the 1950s, eventually sealing was invented with paint that gave the floor a further characteristic: it was easy to clean.
Parquet is now available in two versions:

massive hardwood elements
Softwood, which is veneered with hardwood

Furthermore, a distinction is made between multi-layer and single-layer parquet. The former consists of several layers, the latter only made of solid timber. The solid wood layer should be as thick with hardwood floors, as they can be so often sanded and sealed. In other words, it has a longer lifetime.

Laminate can be divided into three words well: practical, inexpensive and easy to maintain. It is the affordable alternative to hardwood, making it attractive for people who want an easy-care flooring, you can lay yourself. While the first products looked like a cheaper wood substitute, there are now high-quality laminate.

Laminate is generally composed of a carrier layer and a decorative layer. The surface is sealed so that the floor covering reaches a maximum service life. His durability owes laminate but also its production process: Each layer is pressed together under high temperatures and pressure. Buyer of laminate the rule of thumb: the panel The thicker, the more robust it is. The material thickness affects not only the robustness, but also the price. Effective material is thinner and therefore more sensitive. High quality, thick laminate is usually therefore also in an elaborate surface design. Laminate owes its popularity also its handling. Consumers can relocate themselves. Previously you had to stick together, today there is the so-called click system: The individual elements are pushed into one another.

Cork is a material that has interesting properties: it acts as an insulator, is elastic and can not by water. Therefore is used among other things as a bottle cap. Cork is now also a popular floor covering. In addition to the facilities listed, cork is a renewable resource. Its pleasant appearance makes it an ideal living space. Cork is laid in the form of massive tiles. The tiles are bonded to the substrate and then sealed. Cork tiles are available in different formats, sizes and shades. The flooring can accept not only different colors, but also imitate other materials such as concrete, wood or stone.

The carpet is often associated with many disadvantages: It is not suitable due to the accumulation of dust allergy and often needs to be vacuumed. Yet he also has advantages: rooms appear warmer and more pleasant by a carpet. In addition, the carpet absorbs footfall.

The wooden floor is made of large wooden planks. Compared to floor it consists of large-format wooden elements. This type of flooring has been around since the 13th century. Back then they were cut by hand from the middle of a log. This hard work was in 1850, when established sawmills, replaced by machines. Boards have the advantage that they are a natural flooring. Consequently, they have an extremely pleasant look. Furthermore, they are easy to clean, hygienic and improve the indoor climate.

Linoleum is an increasingly popular flooring. The product owes its characteristics. It is sustainable and an environmentally friendly natural materials. He is also extremely durable, durable, can be combined with underfloor heating systems and gives a pleasant feeling occurs. Linoleum has a lot to offer in terms of looks: Today there is the flooring in a variety of colors and patterns, so that it fits perfectly with modern apartments.

As can be seen from this article, there are now many different floor coverings, which have different advantages and disadvantages. Using a checklist, each household select the flooring that meets the personal needs best.

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