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How to prepare for an assessment center

How to prepare for an assessment center
As before, assessment centers delight (AC) great popularity. They help companies to assess the skills and personality of a candidate better. In order to survive in the AC, candidates should prepare intensively it.

Assessment Center
Many companies use the Personnel Selection ACs. Each miscast a place is expensive and just in bad times employers want to avoid these costs. So ACs are now widely used not only in the private sector.
Objectives and procedures of a AC`s

With an AC companies want to test the reaction of the applicant in different situations. The behavior of the applicant is evaluated by several observers. The results are then compared with the requirements in the company. For different kinds of places, there are different ACs. For example, for sites tailored in sales or management tasks.

Applicants must therefore deal in AC various tasks, consider the different skills and aspects of personality.

Get to know yourself
If you participate as a candidate in several ACs, has gradually the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. The strengths and weaknesses are a so clear. Therefore it is also important to ask after completing his AC for feedback.

Tasks in AC
Applicants have to cope with different tasks in AC. These include presentation exercises, role plays, group discussions, personality tests and individual interviews. Even solving a case study may be part of the tasks to be performed or the legendary mailbag exercise.

It is important to make advance with the various types of tasks familiar and prepare for an AC good, because good preparation reduces the stress factor most significantly.

At the beginning of the preparation
At the beginning of the preparation you should familiarize yourself with the company, by studying his website thoroughly read an eventual annual report and Googling news and company news. Consider also a good reason for why you are interested in joining the company.

Prepare self-presentation and CV
For many ACs include a self-presentation that you should prepare in advance at home in peace. Often there is for a timing and you should try to observe them.

In one interview it is also about your resume. Why this study why these previous employers? Why the change from A to B? For everything you should have ready a good justification. It is also important to deal intensively with its strengths and weaknesses. What you are really good and better than most others? Also, you should have previously read a national daily and know the latest television news.

In the case study is not about the perfect solution
In the case study, it comes to your analytical and organizational skills. The observers would like to see how you tackle a difficult problem and find a solution. This helps the ability to quickly orient themselves in new tasks.

When RPG is one communication
If you should sell the RPG as your interlocutor a credit card, it depends on your communication skills. How do you argue and you feel how well a in your face? By the way: Sometimes you need one, two ACs, in order to know how the wind blows.

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