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How to solve nasal spray addiction

Nasal spray addiction
You can do this if you have a nasal spray addiction. Are you addicted to nasal spray or nasal drops? From the so-called drug sniffing a lot of people are affected in many countries. What can you do against the dependency, check out this article.

You can do this in a nasal spray addiction
Nasal sprays are easy to use and fast in action. Two puffs and you can breathe freely again despite colds. However, those who too often applies nasal sprays, which can be hooked. The nasal sprays or drops reduce swelling by narrowing the vessels and thus reduce blood circulation. Can breathe freely again sniffles ill.

If the agent is now used regularly for an extended period, the dosage at some point no longer sufficient. The funds must be used more frequently to achieve the liberation of the nose. In addition there is a kind of reverse effect. Once the effect of the nasal spray wears off, the nasal membranes are supplied with blood and swell increasingly stronger on. Sufferers feel a stuffy nose, but without having a runny nose.

This cycle often ends with the nasal mucous membranes are severely attacked and those affected can smell nothing.

Taking notes
Not more than 3 times per day
No longer 5 days

What can you do against the nasal spray addiction.
A weaning takes about 1 to 2 weeks. The nasal mucosa can then regenerate. This is only possible if the nose drops have been applied over a shorter period. After years of abuse the nasal mucosa can remain permanently damaged.

The one-hole method
It is very unpleasant if you do not really get air through the nose. Therefore, you can initially continue using the nasal spray. Spray the agent but from now on only in a hole. So is - depending on the choice - the right or the left nostril free and you get enough air. As soon as the mucous membranes of the side have recovered, you have not been treated with a nasal spray, you can omit the application complete.

Reducing the dosage
Alternatively, you can continue to treat both nostrils. In this method, the dosage of the nasal spray is lowered by increasingly dilute the spray with saline (pharmacy) until they use only pure saline and then settle eventually. During the phase of getting used to, you can also use sea water sprays to keep the nasal passages moist.

A second way to reduce the dosage, is to first switch to a nasal spray for children and this in turn to use with sea water nasal spray. The frequency of application of the seawater nasal spray is increased until eventually you cope with it exclusively.

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