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Insect bites: What to do with bee stings?

Insect bites: What to do with bee stings?
Bee stings and wasp stings can be dangerous. What to do if a child has been stung in the mouth and swelling of the throat? What is an allergic reaction and what are the consequences? What can you do to prevent or relieve?

A bee sting in the mouth or throat
When a bee sting in the mouth or even throat it can quickly lead to a strong swelling. Here threatens suffocation. Especially with young children or babies, as well as in adults, immediately the ambulance must be called (telephone: 112), when the needle at a location where a swelling could obstruct the airway.

Until the arrival of the emergency physician Apis C30 is given every 5 minutes, 3 globules until the swelling decreases. Then the distances the remedy can be magnified. In addition, a cold compress with ice help to alleviate the swelling.

Allergic reaction to bee stings
Approximately 0.8 to 4% of Germans are suffering from an allergy to insect venom. The severity of the reaction can be very different. Most common is the allergy to bee stings and wasp stings, allergies to stings Hornets are relatively rarely observed.

An allergy can be relatively harmless by making a particularly strong local swelling noticeable, but can also go through nausea and vomiting up to anaphylactic shock. Deaths in Germany but rarely. Consult the doctor immediately if the person stung one or more of the following symptoms will receive:

Extensive swelling of the skin (eg. As the whole forearm)
Circulatory problems, dizziness, nausea, vomiting
Shortness of breath, palpitations
Anxiety, panic
Dysphagia, speech disorders, hoarseness
Blueness of the skin, collapse
First aid in case of allergic reaction to a bee sting

Homeopathic remedies to treat the bee sting is only used when the other first aid measures were taken and the ambulance is on the way:
Remove sting
Cool place
Sit Patient
Store legs up
with circulatory problems shock position (lying on the floor, his legs on a chair lay)
fainting at the recovery position

Administration of Apis mellifica C30 in 5-minute intervals may be supplemented by the following means depending on the symptoms:

Aconitum C30, if the situation is perceived as life-threatening and the patient has great fear and panic.
Veratrum album C30 at a circulatory crisis with paleness, cold sweats and fainting tendency.
Carbo veg C30 at a circulatory crisis with paleness, cold and breathlessness (air deficiency).

All funds are initially given in 5-minute intervals, until making a significant improvement noticeable. In practice it has been found that homeopathic remedies in contrary to its popular reputation emergencies act very quickly and very clearly and can prevent complications.

If an interested party once showed an allergic reaction, a allergologically trained specialist should be consulted immediately. This can diagnose the insect venom allergy and prescribe the patient an emergency kit, which should be of course primarily used. This includes most antihistamines, cortisone / steroids and adrenaline.

An allergic reaction to bee stings can be dangerous if it expands to anaphylactic shock. This happens rarely, but is life threatening. Homeopathic remedies can be a valuable aid in such emergencies, unless otherwise available. An emergency kit and emergency stand but in any case in the first place.

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