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Lost house key - What you should do?

Lost house key - What you should do?
Lose as homeownership your house key, the question arises of how to proceed now. In particular, it concerns the question whether a new lock to be built and who bears the costs for this. Especially the latter is essential for you. Because depending on how your home is furnished, the exchange can easily cost more than 1.000 €. First of all: The front door is as much as the door to your apartment to the communal property. Therefore, it is quite something to your community, if you lose your keys. The first duty that you meet after losing the key is to put your community on notice is. Refrain from the required information and it comes this way to damage your community, get even damages.

Exchange only way abuse
Since it is common property both at the front door as well as your front door, the community decides by decision on how to proceed. Whether the exchange of the locking system is required depends on the circumstances of each case. Once the key is lost under certain circumstances, allow a conclusion about the owners, the castle or the locking system must be replaced for safety reasons. That is inevitable even for insurance reasons.

The exchange is only then unnecessary if an abuse possibility is definitely excluded.
Example: You have performed the key at a forest walk loose in your jacket pocket. When you get home, you realize the loss of the key. The key allows no conclusion on the house, to which it belongs. Here is an abuse of the key is excluded by a dishonest finder. The lock must not be replaced. But it is different when you keep the keys together with your papers, for example, in your wallet, and have lost this.

It is important that you can prove that the abuse is excluded. Describe your community, therefore, not only that you have lost the key. Share with where and how you have kept the key, and under what circumstances you've lost it.

Costs presupposes fault
In principle, the Community has to bear the cost of a new locking system. The situation is different but if you have the key loss caused deliberately or through negligence. In this case, the Community may take the replacement of the replacement costs to complete.

Examples: You are in a restaurant, leave your seat to go to the buffet, and let your pocket along with house key back in place. When you return, your bag has been stolen. Or: You have refueled at a gas station your vehicle. While you pay, leave the vehicle open. During this time someone steals your keys from the car. In these cases, you have behaved negligently, so that your community from you, this will require the replacement costs of the plant, can claim compensation.
Conclusion: The loss of the front door key can be expensive for you. Unless you can exclude abuse or the loss is not in debt.

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