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Package travel insurance certificate

Package travel insurance certificate
Make sure when a package tour to the security certificate. You have booked and paid for a holiday trip, but suddenly the tour operator is bankrupt and will file for bankruptcy. What now? You will lose all entitlement to the journey - unless you are on a package holiday contract and have a security certificate.

Make sure when a package tour to the security certificate
In accordance with the EU Package Travel Directives 1990 tour operators must insure payments from customers for a package tour to insolvency. If you book a package holiday, the tour operator the price can only collect from you, after he has handed over to you a security certificate.

Thanks to a legislative expansion in 1997. They have been in payment of the package claim to the security certificate, which is issued by an insurance company. In the event of insolvency of the tour operator prior to departure you will get reimbursed by the insurance the tour price.

Where the organizers during the trip bankrupt, the insurance will reimburse you the cost of return to 100 percent. So is the law:

Ensuring payment:
(1) The tour operator must ensure that the traveler be reimbursed
1. the travel price paid, as far as travel services are not due to insolvency or institution of insolvency proceedings over the assets of the tour operator, and
2. necessary expenses incurred by the traveler due to insolvency or institution of insolvency proceedings over the assets of the tour operator for the return journey.

Ensure that the following information is included in the security certificate:
Name and address of the travel organizer and the insurance
Definition of an insured event
Designation of insolvency damage which will be refunded

The security note must be given in the original with the reservation confirmation and must show the date of travel (incl. Return date). Make sure that the tour operator goes on the insurance certificate no additions by hand. Have you paid the travel, without having received an insurance certificate, you have the right to terminate the contract.

Please note: A travel agent is not a tour operator, but merely the agent of a journey. Unless there are operators with its own travel agencies (eg TUI, DerTour etc.). For travel agencies, which are not the same organizers, the protection does not apply.

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