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Simple qualified job reference

Simple versus qualified job reference
What must be in a job reference? Once you leave a company as an employee, you are entitled to a job reference. This is for your further career is an important factor. In general, you should always be able to distinguish between a simple and a qualified job reference. What matters is that you know how this document should be structured and what information must be included there.

What must be in a job reference?
In general a distinction is made between a simple and a bit wider or more qualified version of a work certificate. While the simple elaboration testimony merely holds the length of your employment and a brief description of your activity, the qualified certificate is beyond information on their work performance as well as any further developments. In Germany, employers are obliged to issue you with a qualified certificate at the request of their career with the company.

Entitled to this document you not only as a regular employee, but also as a part-time employee or as an officer. Even with a fixed-term contract or if you have worked as an intern, you are entitled to an assessment of your job performance. Entitled to the job reference you basically have up to three years after their release from the employer.

The formal requirements
If you get a job reference, you should also pay attention to the formal aspects. The certificate must have been created on the usual paper companies and typewritten. Of course, your name, and academic degrees, or the exact period of employment must be given exactly again. Besides, it must come from a human resources personnel, be in the best case the employer himself, signed.

A testimony that you get only in electronic form, by law her insufficient. In addition to the formal aspects, it is of course also about the contents, that is, the formulations must be designed in clear and understandable. Also highlights how bold or exclamation or question mark are not allowed.

Pay attention to formulations
Of course the most important aspect to which you should pay attention to is, the formulation of the individual sentences or the exact wording. Is determined that this must be designed sympathetically so you career advancement is not difficult. Important characteristics and abilities for your former activities should be presented with praise.

However, caution should be exercised when trivialities such as a constant timeliness or a communicative style in dealing with colleagues is emphasized. Beyond that, there are the so-called certificate code are among the phrases that describe negative characteristics or ambiguous allegations. Claims such as "you have your tasks done properly", may contain the hidden message that you have not developed their own initiative.

A final aspect that you should consider in your testimony about the most recent job, is the date question. Provided that it presents a Endzeugnis, it must be dated to the last day of your employment.

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