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The 7 best beaches in Mallorca

 Mallorca beach
Known for a notorious nightlife district, the nightlife district, Mallorca offers its visitors but still significantly more. Quiet mountain village, a beautiful landscape and especially great beaches make the island more than just a celebration destination and especially the 7 most beautiful beaches of Majorca let holiday dreams come true.

Mallorca beach
Rest and relaxation promise of Mallorca most beautiful beaches. For many european Mallorca is still the most popular holiday destination. The Playa de Palma is flooded during the high season of the German party travelers and also at other beaches in Majorca cavort in the summer of the masses. But the unberührteren something quieter corners there are on the island, which is more than just partying and nightlife district. Many small bays with turquoise waters lure, fine sandy beach and pure relaxation - you just need to know where!

1. Cala Figuera
In the north of Majorca, the bay of Cala Figuera, which should not be confused with the same name in the south. Although the journey over the Cap Formentor peninsula is quite curvy, but the stunning views of the cove and the fine sand worth the way. At noon the bay is pretty full, so be sure to come in the morning.

2. Cala Torta
Also in the north, though a bit east, is the Cala Torta, a 200 m wide bay, which can be reached from Arta. The water is turquoise, the beach consists of stones and sand, and due to the limited parking and the low sloping into the sea bay is the Cala Torta one of the more less visited bays of the island, what makes her special charm.

3. Cala Llombards
The Cala Llombards in the southeast of the island no longer a secret, but still beautiful. Besides the tourists there are many locals who use the bay for a swim and lie either on the white sand beach bordered by pine trees in the bay on their towels or on the flat rock beside the bay. The shadow in the morning, the Summer Music, the sounds from the beach and the flat expiring beach make the Cala Llombards for many locals and visitors to one of the most beautiful bays in Majorca.

4. Cala S'Illot
The Cala S'Illot is a small pebble beach, which is located on the peninsula of La Victoria in the north near Alcudia. The Fish Restaurant S'Illot in a natural park with picnic areas this bay is a nice ending after a hike in the Atalaya de Alcudia.

5. Cala Mitjana
The Cala Mitjana is located about 2 kilometers from Cala d'Or in the northeast of the island and offers its visitors a few long bay, which is surrounded by pine trees and enjoy the fine sand. This bay provides peace and relaxation away from the tourist crowds, as the 30-minute walk to the beach many scares.

6. Portals Vells
The coves of Portals Vells in southern Mallorca consist of four small beaches. They lie on the edge of a pine forest and eight kilometers south of Magaluf. Clean, shallow water is ideal for snorkeling with gentle waves and if you want in between eat or drink something, it has not in the next move to Sol de Mallorca far.

7. Es Trenc
One of the classic paradise beaches of Mallorca is the beach Es Trenc. Unlike many other small coves, the Es Trenc extends over six kilometers to the southwest of the island and is with its salt pans and dunes nature reserve. The many visitors spreads easily over the length of the beach. The beach offers in the north still a rocky and very natural state experience and the south several beach bars and even more tourists.

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