Thursday, June 25, 2015

The new iPad and AppleTV

The new iPad and AppleTV

Yesterday it was time. The long-awaited successor to the iPad 2 was presented in San Francisco by Apple. And at the very beginning the first surprise: Apple calls the new flyer simply "the new iPad". I would now no longer write to the great features such as the gigantic retina display, the tremendous graphics performance, the 5 megapixel iSight camera and many other things, because that was chewed to suffice.

I found already the iPad 2 really great, could help me defend my 11 inch MacBook Air today, however. But now? The new iPad trigger me a Have-Want-thoughts and fills me with inexhaustible anticipation. So I have got today an ordered :) I chose the white 64GB model with 3G / LTE, because you can never have enough storage space.

Of course, even that also yesterday presented the 3rd generation AppleTV with 1080p duty, but that I let a little time until there is a jailbreak for it to allow the use of aTV Flash. Until then hand me the 720p my current AppleTV.

Right awesome, I also think the new iPhoto for iOS. Really delicious! Besides Apple also released updates for iWork apps, just for GarageBand and iMovie for iOS. Of course, also came a new version of iTunes and iOS 5.1, which brings improvements and other features. The download limit of apps over the air has been increased from 20 to 50 MB, series and movies are now available in 1080p on the iTunes Store are available and the purchases of these now remembers the iCloud. Boom! So that was a successful evening for us Apple Geeks :)

So and now time starts again the wait. But anticipation is well known, the most beautiful. Which one of you is because at the moment also in this situation?

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