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What has to be considered when creating a lawn?

What has to be considered when creating a lawn?

A dense, lush green grass carpet is the desire of almost every garden owner. The right decisions must be taken for this goal at the planning stage. What is needed, can be found here.

What has to be considered when creating a lawn?
A lawn is virtually found in every garden. The uniform green of its appearance for rest in the flower garden. He also serves as a sunbathing area or playground. About the use of the lawn, the garden lovers should worry before its installation, because not only the lighting conditions and the soil conditions are decisive for the choice of seeds, but also the capacity of the grass species.

Grass mixtures
Lawns are often referred to as a monoculture, which is true only partially. Lawn grass seeds are always a mixture of different crops, which have different growth characteristics. Depending on the intended usage, the seeds are mixed. Ryegrass (Lolium perenne), red fescue (Festuca rubra) and Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) are the most important grass species.

Ornamental lawns
He is - as its name implies - an ornament, but because of its fine blades that form a dense dark green sward, and not very reliable. To be permanently beautiful, a high nursing workload as frequent mowing, watering and fertilizing is required. Ornamental grass crops consist mainly of red fescue.

Use lawn
If the lawn can be used as an outdoor room, it must be hardwearing and yet provide a beautiful sight. A mixture of 40% red fescue, 30% perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass 30% meet these conditions. The maintenance effort is kept within limits.

If the lawn for children offer sports and recreational activities, you reach for Strapazierrasenmischungen. This sod is well durable and almost maintenance-free.

Shadow Lawn
Shady or half-shady terrain provides for turf is a problem area. For this, you should use special shade lawn with Poa supina (warehouses bluegrass), one of the rare lawn grasses that thrive in the shade. However, it should be noted that one can enjoy the shade lawn only at high maintenance costs in the long run.

The right choice
Seed is offered in finished mixtures. The purpose should be marked on the package. A decision-making tool for the purchase are mortgages seal independent institutes. RSM (usually seed mixtures) and LUFA- (Agricultural Investigation and Research) seed is tested for purity of the varieties and germination. One criterion is the price. High quality mixtures are often three times more expensive than cheap offers. For example, in the research Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau eV (FLL) in Bonn to providing guidance for rule seed mixtures are available.

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