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What is homeopathic acid

homeopathic acid
Even acids can be used as a homeopathic remedy. Especially often they are used for severe depression, hair loss and increased sweat production. Here you can read in which physical ailments homeopathic acid additionally be employed and looks like the mental image.

The homeopathic acid means
The homeopathic acid means - the mental image. People who constitutionally require an acid medium, complain of a strong sense of emptiness. You feel exhausted and go through life without joy. They often sacrifice themselves to take a long time for their family, irrespective of their borders. This sacrifice is done on principle and without joy. They lack their own wishes and needs, therefore they need to meet the needs of other people who are able to meet in order to feel themselves.

The compensation of their own lack of structure on the assistance of other works for a long time. Complaints are due to exhaustion, but is initially not so serious. Only if a loss is to mourn in life, there will be stronger symptoms such as hair loss, insomnia or diarrhea.

Acid agent in homeopathy - physical discomfort
The secretions of people who need a homeopathic acid as a remedy, are sharp and caustic. The sweat stain the linen yellow. Often symptoms occur in the kidneys and the urinary organs. The urine may also take a sharp odor. The painful urination are burning and biting. Another target for homeopathic acid medium is the digestive tract.

Frequently it comes to burning stomach pain and sore-causing diarrhea. There are food intolerances many foods. Particularly acidic foods are not tolerated, although there is often a strong desire.

Homeopathic acid agent in the treatment of children
Children can already require a homeopathic acid. Often you can see them because they are underweight or not grow well. It is as if the body can not adequately exploit the food offered. You often feel tired and exhausted after a small requirements. You can even suffer at an early age under falling asleep. Infants need an acid medium, often can not tolerate milk. They suffer from abdominal pain after breastfeeding and quickly get diarrhea. The chair smells sour.

The homeopathic acid such as Acidum picrinum, Muriaticum acidum-phosphorus-acidum and Acidum Fluoricum be constitutionally applied when people under emaciation, a feeling of emptiness and watery diarrhea are suffering, who smell strongly and are excoriating. Other symptoms that may indicate a homeopathic acid medium, are a strong sweat production with yellowing of the linen, falling asleep and sleep problems, burning stomach pain and problems with the urinary organs.

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