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What you should know about real estate as a safe and future-oriented investment

What you should know about real estate as a safe and future-oriented investment
There are trends that are entertaining and there are changes that have long-term consequences. The demographic trend is such a long-term change. We need appropriate offers, inflation-protected, independently of economic conditions and with an indirect government income security.

Property Care
Which investment makes sense? In recent years, incidents and doubt accumulated around banks and the euro. The economic crisis has hinlassen unique tracks and rightly taken many people's confidence in the banks. Those who invest in savings plans and builds on compound interest is dependent on the price of the relevant currency and thus enters into an unnecessary risk.

Secure Investment: Real Estate
A stable and secure alternative is to invest in commodities or real estate. You score points by its safety, since they have a tangible asset value. During saved-money in times of crisis - wars, inflation or currency reforms - can flash disappear from the account and reflects years of vision of safe growing old or the world Travel dissolves at once in the air, and every effort was entirely in vain, real estate values ​​have never changed noteworthy.

On the subject of the Experto editorial recommends:
Praxishandbuch real estate investment: Review - Finance - Taxes
The tax benefits speak for themselves: lending rates are all deductible. After ten years of ownership arise beyond through the tax-free sales more convincing advantages. You see, the real estate investment fund always provides a very sensible solution, but why is the nursing home as an investment so recommended.? By what benefits it triumphed over other real estate?

Nursing homes as a growth market
The keyword is demographic change. Projections indicate that in 2040 5.6 million people are over 80 years of age or older. Already, every fourth German citizens is over 60 years old. As fewer and fewer children are born and the death rate for decades is higher than the birth rate, there are consequently fewer and fewer family members who can take care of the elderly.

Therefore, nursing homes grow in their importance to society enormously and will be eventually more than indispensable. With a nursing home as an investment you go hence a very low risk, can also secure an additional pension and has the ability to cause the resale whenever they're needed.

Another advantage is the Mietregelung. The rent plays an important role in the return on real estate. Guests here have an above-average rents and the rent deposit, which is created by a written confirmation from the operator of the nursing home. Under a lease contract, the rental income is determined in the long term to 20 or more years. The operator of the nursing home act so rashly not because they benefit in turn from a State guarantee: defaults of a patient to be compensated by the state. No other investment can claim to boast such a safety!

Yields on real estate
After you now take advantage of such an investment were described, we would like to explain in this context, an important concept: the return. A yield indicates the ratio that exists between cash inflows and outflows of capital or investment. This is usually a percentage which refers to one year. They therefore indicates the profit of an investment and is therefore of vital importance for the investing.

There is not a return, but many different forms, for example, effective and dividend yield, securities that a monetary or investment that a portfolio, bonds with different maturities, promised and achieved returns or the gross and net yield. You can certainly already guessed that the yield properties are the smartest investments you can make: stability, independence of cyclical fluctuations and regular income through rents are convincing arguments that are not to be dismissed out of hand. We therefore advise you to think seriously about an income property and offer attractive return-property.

Recommended monuments as property
Particularly suitable for real estate professionals is the investment in monuments. Monuments as testimony of human development and reminders of days gone by are now unfassbarem ideal and material value. Architectural masterpieces are not only beautiful to look at, but also have a certain aura and radiate something specific from.

The Monument property is however not only interesting for lovers artistically designed buildings, but also for those who are looking for a suitable investment. The advantage of this property is that the state has an interest, to promote the existence of monuments and their restoration. Measures and costs incurred in modernizing, therefore can be distributed completely sold over twelve years.

In addition, the investor is about 30% of the purchase price back from the tax office. It is possible to save so much tax. This is also reflected in the flat tax because profits arising from sales transactions must be taxed, as a rule within the framework of the withholding tax.

Monument properties, however, are exempt. The advantages of such investment are so far fully represented. If you want to know more in this regard, please do not hesitate with the CVM GmbH in connection and let us advise you.

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