Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's new in Windows 10?

What's new in Windows 10?
Windows 10: 5 case for Microsoft's new operating system. For PC owners July 29, 2015 is an important date. Because on this day Microsoft published its new operating system Windows 10. Users are made easy upgrade because Microsoft changes its price policy. At the same time to failure of the previous versions are fixed. We give you five reasons why you should upgrade.

The new Windows 10 combines the best of the previous versions Windows 7 and Windows 8. Not every operating system from Microsoft enjoys among users of the same popularity. So Windows XP was so popular that it is used by many users today, although the service from Microsoft has long since set and the operating system is therefore classified as a security risk. 

Less encouragement has found Windows Vista. Only with Windows 7 we went back up the hill for the group from Redmond. The current Windows 8 could convince to version 8.1 again, at least after the upgrade. With Windows 10 now everything is to be done properly. There are many indications that the Microsoft plan works.
These reasons for Microsoft Windows 10

1. Windows 10 is all free for (almost)
While new versions of Windows were always used to have in exchange for money, the operating system for the first time to have now as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. For after all, a year is this free offer from Microsoft. Only after that has to be paid. The license is for the lifetime of the computer on which the operating system was installed condition with all the upgrades.
2. Windows 10 on PC, mobile devices and games console

Windows 10 is not only appear on computers. Microsoft instead it uses a single operating system for desktop computers and notebooks, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, and even in-house gaming console Xbox One. Developers can more easily create programs that run on all system, which creates an unprecedented consistency between devices. So-called "Universal Apps" can be run on all these systems.

3. Windows 10 comes back to the "Start" menu
With Windows 8 Microsoft has heavily customized the design of the operating system through the tiles to the needs of mobile devices and touch screen operation. A victim of this strategy was the "Start" menu. The users came to no good. With Windows 10 the popular "Start" menu returns.

4. Not only work in Windows 10 for players
Windows 10 will also make it easier for game developers, the most of the hardware of the user. The graphics interface DirectX was to updated to version 12 and to allow easier programming of graphically complex games. The teeth for Xbox One should be strengthened, so that players can play together or against each of the two systems.

5. Windows 10 hears every word
In Windows 10 the known from the smartphone voice assistant Cortana is an integral part. The search for a concept can be so for example, activate by voice. Moreover Cortana provides information such as the weather conditions, stock prices and Co.

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