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Who pays the travel expenses to the interview

Travel expenses interview
Who pays the travel expenses to the interview. Who pays actually travel expenses if an employment agency has mediated the interview? Does the personnel agency, the travel expenses refund or the company where the conversation took place, or the employment office?

Travel expenses interview
Who has deposited its application documents in a personnel agency, is also sent from this ever to companies that are farther away. Here many a candidate is not clear who is then responsible for the reimbursement of travel expenses. What role actually played by the recruitment agency?

Tasks of a personnel agency
A private recruitment practices legally considered a brokerage from which a brokerage contract is based on contract law. It is the objective of the client - that is, either the employer or the job seeker - to convey a contract.

Upon successful placement of recruiters receive depending agency contract either by the employer or the job seeker a fee. This is allowed to flow only when in fact an employment contract has been concluded, where statutory maximum amounts are fixed.

The employer is responsible
Basically, it is so that the employer is obliged to take over the costs of travel, when he invites a candidate for an interview. And regardless of whether in fact an employment contract is concluded or not.

Not even the intervention of a private employment agency does not change. This occurs only as an intermediary and the employer proposes only suitable candidates. The actual invitation to the interview takes place at the instigation of the potential employer. Often in contracts with recruitment agencies is also regulated that expenses for travel expenses to the interview at the prospective employer will not be refunded. Therefore, applicants must make their travel expenses towards the inviting company claimed and not to the personnel agency that gives the interview.

However, there is an exception in which the company inviting the travel expenses not required to report: This is the case if the inviting company has ruled out the payment of their traveling and advertising costs in writing from the outset. The employer does not have to pay, if the applicant has presented unsolicited him.

What expenses are eligible
Refundable for all expenses that are allowed to hold after careful examination is required of applicants. Legal basis is § 670 of the Civil Code (BGB). What is recoverable in detail, and will depend on the customary salary among others of the importance of the advertised post. This means that a top executive can make higher travel costs claimed as an apprentice.

Second class train tickets are accepted in any case, and if you drive your own car, the distance allowance of 30 cents per kilometer. Hotel and meal costs may submit the candidate if he lives far away from the company or its departure on the same day is no longer reasonable.

If applicants are unsure, you should clarify in advance, the cost associated with their arrival in all probability and the extent to which the inviting company will this take over.

The labor agency takes over the way only travel expenses for interviews, if the applicant is registered as unemployed and excludes the acquisition of these costs from the outset the inviting company.

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