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Why do we get a pollen allergy?

Why do we get a pollen allergy?
Approximately about million world people suffering from pollen allergy. The immune system of allergy sufferers is out of whack. In order to curb the excessive immune reactions, certain medicinal mushrooms can be taken. What mushrooms are allergies?

Vital mushrooms against pollen allergy
Come allergic to the pollen of trees, grasses, shrubs, flowers, herbs or even cereal into contact their immune system responds to a false alarm. It classifies the pollen as a dangerous "aliens" and pours an excess of histamine from. The eyes of those affected can tear, itch and be red, the nose can run and be clogged. The Allergy feel often a scratchy throat, mucous membranes swell and in serious cases get people allergic to pollen even bronchial asthma.

As the act "normal" for allergies? Most preparations against pollen allergy act only against the symptoms. Nasal sprays or nasal drops can decongest the nasal mucosa, anti-allergic eye drops are effective against the redness and inflammation in the eyes. Tablets, drops and juices for allergies usually belong to the group of antihistamines. You pick up the effect of the substance produced in the body histamine and thus the allergic symptoms may improve.

Medicinal Mushrooms against allergies bring the excessive immune reactions back into balance
By taking certain medicinal mushrooms to your pollen allergy can significantly improve or even disappear. The immune system is made by taking the mushrooms in the right balance and normalize the release of histamine. This can disappear without side effects allergies - such as fatigue - occur.

What medicinal mushrooms should you take to your pollen allergy?
A) Hericium: If your mucous membranes to swell strongly during the pollen allergy, you should take the Hericium Medicinal Mushrooms. It regenerates your respiratory mucosa again.

B) Reishi: This fungus is particularly vital balancing effect on your immune system and the release of histamine. It works especially well if your bronchial area is affected by the pollen allergy. In addition, the Reishi Medicinal Mushrooms can the itching that often occurs with an allergy, significantly reduce.

C) Polyporus: If your pollen allergy is particularly strong by runny nose and a stuffy nose, you should take the Polyporus Medicinal Mushrooms.

D) Cordyceps: If you are out of tune depressed by the pollen allergy or feel exhausted, you should take the Cordyceps mushroom-Vital. He acts mood enhancing and also has a calming effect.

Tip: You can also combine several medicinal mushrooms. Some manufacturers of medicinal mushrooms now offer also combination preparations against pollen allergy.

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