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Why should you now travel to Cuba

Why should you now travel to Cuba
According to some political changes to the Destination Cuba could change in the coming years. Therefore, do not wait too long if you still want to travel as authentic as possible Cuba and immerse yourself - in this socialist Caribbean nation, where time has stood still.

Cuba Travel
Havana is the capital of the country and has more than 2 million inhabitants
Cuba is described by many people as a place of longing. Caribbean beaches, old cars, colorful houses, Hemmingway, Che Guevara, Mojitos and fun-loving Cubans are for many a reason to control the socialist Caribbean island.

After it became known in December 2014 wish that the US and Cuba closer to political and economic level again and their decades of hostilities, which were associated with the cold war settle, the Cuban tourism is even more than previously flared (Stand: June 2015).

The tourist structure is changing
Many Europeans are concerned that the country will soon be swamped by American status symbols and the former Cuba loses its originality. More and more Americans flock after decades of refusal of entry in the country (as of June 2015) and want to explore what hitherto always remained closed to them.

As the fear of change in this stand in the time remaining land is large (at least by tourists from page), it offers more to visit on the island before they changed a lot from the outside through the influences. Those who opt for a trip to Cuba, thereby however have to remember a lot.

The two currencies make Cuba for tourists expensive
There are two currencies in Cuba, which is unusual at first for many tourists. The locals have their own currency, the CUP, with which they pay for their everyday goods. CUC is the currency, which is usually issued to tourists and pay with the tourists in hotels, restaurants and museums. The CUC is pegged to the US dollar equivalent value of its 1: 1.

Through these two currencies are significantly more expensive than a lot of things for locals for tourists, for the CUC is the currency with which they can not afford luxury items. Poverty is an issue that can not be dismissed out of hand in Cuba. To be begging as a tourist is therefore not uncommon and should anyone traveling to Cuba, be aware.

Popular locations on a road trip
A tour of Cuba can be very easily organized on your own. Bus companies bring tourists from place to place, in the so-called casas particulares (accommodation in private homes) is always a place free and a Mojito keeps every householder ready in the refrigerator. Especially the cities Havana, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba are very popular with tourists, but also Cienfuegos or the Vinales Valley are much visited destinations.

Travelers can admire the colorful architecture that partly recalls Spanish villages, relax on white sandy beaches overlooking the turquoise sea or a lap dance salsa in the evening in the village square on the ground. Because rhythm have Cubans in the blood and the typical music heard everywhere.
Who does not want to tour, but rather just want to relax, the can log on the Varadero peninsula in one of the resorts located there and spend a peaceful Caribbean vacation.

Best travel period from November to April
Due to the exciting history of the country and the special atmosphere that is everywhere in the air, but it makes sense to at least the capital, Havana, and even one or two other places to visit. Where one sees else socialist propaganda posters and so many original American vintage from the 1950s?
Especially in our Winter Cuba is the perfect destination as it is on the Caribbean island then pleasantly warm. Starting in May, the rainy season begins in July and can be added, which is why more discouraged by this journey time even strong hurricanes. Those who want to relax during the cold, Europe January or February under the palm trees and hot rhythms, that is the right place in Cuba.

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