Sunday, July 19, 2015

Agreement with terrorist opens up new possibilities in the fight against other terrorism

Agreement with terrorist opens up new possibilities in the fight against other terrorism
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The closed in Vienna on Tuesday nuclear agreement with Iran not only ended definitively decades Ice Age between Tehran and the West, especially the US. In addition, the historic deal could also give the fight against terrorism, primarily against the Islamic state, crucial twists.

Immediately after the agreement in the nuclear dispute several foreign minister had brought their hopes, the diplomatic success in Vienna could still have far-reaching consequences than anyway. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, one of the chief negotiator in the two years of nuclear talks brought about bluntly expressed his hope that the agreement would also give the fight against Islamist terrorism new impetus. "The compromise removes the largely artificial obstacles to forge a broad alliance against the Islamic State and other terrorist groups," said Lavrov.

And also a second negotiator of Vienna, Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, is based on positive effects of the agreement in the fight against IS; though a bit a roundabout formulated. He said on German television from a "victory of diplomacy on crises, conflicts and violence."

Finally, Austria's foreign minister Sebastian spoke briefly in favor of the links to Iran with regard to the fight against Islamism to intensify. Because: "Iran can be a good ally against the IS-terrorism," says Short in "ZiB 2". Furthermore, a good sign is the fact that the West and Russia away from the Ukraine conflict may still continue to work, said the Foreign Minister.

From Iran was on the subject in the first hours after the nuclear agreement still nothing concrete to hear. The regional power is heavily involved in the Syrian civil war from the very beginning and is considered the strongest supporters of the Assad regime. The Syrian rulers could no longer keep a long time without Iranian financial and military aid.

After all, said Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani of a new era of cooperation in the wake of the nuclear deal and that one can in future concentrate on the solution of common problems. Even US President Barack Obama spoke of the chance to pursue a new direction.

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