Saturday, July 4, 2015

Alligator Killed Human

Alligator Killed Human
The alligator bite to the last incident of this kind there were in Texas 200 years ago: A 28-year-old was attacked and killed in the city of Orange by an alligator. It is unclear why the man went into the water. An alligator in Needville (Texas): Are the animals become more aggressive by the numerous rains?

An alligator has killed a man in the US state of Texas. The 28-year-old had ignored warning signs and had gone into a water arm on the edge of the city of Orange in the Gulf of Mexico swim at night. The US media reported.

He was attacked immediately after jumping into the water, the transmitter KFDM-TV reported, citing eyewitnesses. A companion of the victim had only tried to stop the man from going into the water. The 28-year-old but the warnings ignored. Then the companion tried the screaming man to help out of the water. In vain. The woman was unhurt.

An eyewitness was quoted in the "Houston Chronicle" by saying: "He is once submerged, then the alligator pulled him a second time down and that's it I've never seen anything like it in my life I'm still in shock... "

"A traumatic experience"

The man's body was discovered by police in the early morning, about two hours after the incident. An expert told the transmitter, deadly attacks by alligators on humans are extremely rare in Texas. The last occurred about 200 years ago.

The incident is the second in a week in the region. On Sunday, a 13-year-old and his father were attacked by an alligator. The animal had bitten the boy by the arm and dragged him into the water. The father was injured on the foot, but he was able to Alligator occur until the let go of the boy.

"That was such a traumatic experience, and we hope that no one has to go through something like that," the family said in a statement.

Groundless attacks by alligators are extremely rare. The Texas authorities have stated that many estuaries were flooded by the rains of the past few weeks. That would drive the animals out of their areas and make them aggressive in defending their territories.

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