Tuesday, July 7, 2015

AMD Radeon R300: Has Been Released

AMD Radeon R300

The wait is over: On June 18, AMD will finally present its new generation of graphics cards Radeon R300 (codenamed "Fiji") - including the flagship R390X. AMD Launches on 16 June its new flagship Radeon R390X. For AMD it is currently in rapid succession: recently introduced the chip maker's new Carrizo processors for Windows PCs before, already on June 18, followed by the developed under the codename Fiji GPUs AMD R300 - to AMD has a very rare Info stocked website put online and published a YouTube video.

For more info COMPUTER BILD has - even if it is for the time being is only unconfirmed rumors. Thus, AMD plans to introduce the now expected since twelve months top graphics card Radeon R390X on 16 June. Hook: The will still work with older "Hawaii" GPUs instead of adding new Fiji chips. But AMD promises more performance than the previous top model Radeon 290X, with the same power consumption. And: The new card is already working on an improved and more efficient image rendering with DirectX 12 (comes with Windows 10).

New graphics memory
The memory capacity is mau at first glance: Instead of 6 gigabytes as with Nvidia's Geforce GTX 980 Ti, AMD's top model gets only 4 gigabytes. For this is to be used in the Radeon Fury first time the memory type HBM (High Bandwidth Memory). Advantage: Data exchange with the graphics chip is faster than with conventional GDDR5 memory.

Prices and availability
AMD holds also in selling prices still covered. Around 700 euros are for AMD's top model talking. In order for the R390X were slightly cheaper than Nvidia's top graphics card GeForce GTX 980 Ti. But whether it brings the same performance, the next test must demonstrate. The launch is currently targeted over last month. By Ingolf Leschke

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