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Apple iPhone 7: functions, gossip Release

Apple iPhone 7: functions, gossip Release

Even in 2015 is probably the iPhone 6S on the market - but the rumor mill already for iPhone 7. COMPUTER IMAGE shows the current rumors location and an exclusive design draft. Since autumn 2014, the iPhone 6 and iPhone are 6 Plus on the market and already rumors about the next models. Here, the Apple fan base relies not only on the iPhone 6S. Because especially the iPhone 7, fans are hoping major innovations. What technical innovations Apple wants to convince this time and how does the new Apple smartphone? COMPUTER BILD has bundled all the rumors on the net and clarifies what is going on with the iPhone 7 up.

Design-design takes iPhone 7 anticipate
While Apple's secret laboratory testing and certainly tinkers, computer bild deutch has worked in collaboration with the internationally renowned designer Martin Hajek on its own design that redefines the demands on the smartphone of the future. 

Along with Martin Hajek computer bild deutch has designed the iPhone 7 - what the editors expected from the next blockbuster? As the Korean reports DigiTimes, Apple is working actually on a way to integrate the Home button in the touch screen. The new button will then take over in the future, all tasks that can be done also on the current physical button - thus unlock the iPhone, returning to the home screen, calling the multitasking level or start from Siri. All this could be accomplished in the future also with a touch sensor, especially since Apple already offers an appropriate technique with Force Touch.

iPhone 7: Hardware
Patents for new technology innovations, there en masse, as the Force Touch function or a two-lens camera system. The former would be already very likely the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, since the technology is already in the 2015er Macbook generations on board. Than the previous iPhone 6 and the big brother iPhone 6 Plus for the first time saw the light of day, the users complained mainly because of the overhanging rear camera and the antenna strip on the back. As you could see on leaked images of the iPhone 6S, both innovations are probably the earliest, so be ready for the market with the iPhone 7 next year.

iPhone 7: 3D view without glasses?
A report by the Economic Daily says that Apple is working on an iPhone with a new 3D view. To see the images with depth, users need probably no glasses. According to the sources, this is associated also a new software ecosystem, which offers three-dimensional content for the screen. In order to achieve such an effect, Apple must according to the report, but the display technology change - and thus also the suppliers. The apparently targeted 3D technology is not new: Amazon offers such an effect already with the fire phone, Nintendo has the 3DS game console in an appropriate range.

iPhone 6S coming!
But before it begins production of the iPhone 7, Apple's fan base may probably in 2015 excited to wait for the iPhone 6S and a bigger iPhone 6S Plus. In COMPUTER BILD article "Apple iPhone 6S: functions, gossip Release" you can see all the rumors and all the details that have been revealed by the coming iPhone 6S, including functions and first exclusive pictures.

Forecast: When the iPhone comes 7?
Due to the enormous market development since 2007 and constantly increasing competitive pressure can however not rule out that Apple skips an iPhone 6S and produces the same iPhone 7. With the announcement and presentation of iOS 9 as a beta version iPhone users could already try the new functions of the expected updates, but if the small software remake itself sufficient economic point of view, to convince, remains doubtful. Above all, the design is a key factor for the customer. Because with the accusation that Apple have long been not produced 'real' innovation more, the pressure on the next-generation iPhone increases. By; Christian Blum

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