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Crisis in Greece: What should travelers know now

Crisis in Greece: What should travelers know now
Greece threatens to bankrupt migrating definitively. Then the country could leave the euro zone and introducing a new currency. What would be the consequences for travelers from Europe? Update of 29 June 2015: The development in Greece is becoming increasingly serious. Following the announcement of a referendum now are signs on the exit of Greece from the euro. We keep abreast of the latest developments in Greece (Grexit) and the Euro in our Ticker to date.

Berlin - The popular travel destination Greece is nearing bankruptcy official, the outcome of political negotiations is uncertain. There is debate whether the country would have to leave at a bankrupt the euro zone. Can I make more in Greece vacation now? And if so, what do I have to hire me on the spot? The issues currently many tourists who travel in summer to Hellas. The most important questions and answers at a glance.

What happens if Greece goes bankrupt?
This can seriously answer no. But some experts believe that Greece in the event of bankruptcy would have to leave the euro zone. Then the country would have to introduce a new currency, for example, back the drachma. But the bankruptcy does not necessarily mean a "Grexit", so that leaving the Euro.

What impact would a "Grexit" on my package tour?
The impact would probably rather low. Exiting the euro zone have no impact on the booked travel conditions, announced leader Tui. Tourist services such as flights, hotels or bus transfers were shopped and contractually secured. Who still booked, must not worry: "The published rates still apply." The same applies for Thomas Cook: ". The contracts with the Greek hoteliers have been concluded a long time ago The prices are fixed," said company spokesman Christian Schmicke.

I come in Greece nor to money, if the country goes bankrupt?
This is the most interesting question. The Greeks raise large sums of cash from their accounts. This destabilizes the banks. The Greek government could introduce capital controls to slow the outflows. At bank counters, there would be temporarily no or only a certain amount of cash. "That would make it very difficult for tourists to obtain supplies during their holidays with money," says David Swann from foreign currency specialists Travelex is based in London.

I could for a "Grexit" still pay with Euros?
Probably yes. Experts expect that the Euro would continue to be valid for a certain time. "Even if Greece as a parallel currency reintroduce the drachma, holidaymakers in the country could probably continue to pay once with Euro, if they want to," estimates Thomas Cook spokesman Christian Schmicke. Even tourism expert Prof. Volker Böttcher from the Hochschule Harz in Wernigerode says: "It is unrealistic that holidaymakers with their Euros suddenly no longer able to pay."

How do I prepare for a possible "Grexit"?
Travelex advises Greece-vacationers, take sufficient cash for about three to five days, if the movement of capital in the country is limited. Even long-term visitors should again take more money than usual. Who all inclusive, needs in emergencies outside the hotel anyway hardly spend money.

Avoid the German tourists now Greece?
After that, it does not look. Although the Association of Greek tourism enterprises showed last worried. But the German organizers report a continuing strong demand. A booking reluctance or refusal let not realize was the German Travel Association (DRV) in Berlin know. The number of bookings have moved to the German organizers from January to May at the very high level of the previous year. Also flights to Greece be happy booked. According to the search engine Swoodoo there was a minimal dent in early June. But since June 9, the search queries rose continuously.

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