Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Euro group wants to give Athens a new chance

Euro group wants to give Athens a new chance
The Euro Group will give a "new opportunity" Greece, according to the new finance minister Euklides Tsakalotos. The "political will" to be there, Tsakalotos said in tuesday evening in Brussels. At the meeting of the Euro Group there had been "progress," he said, without making explain. Greece wants to apply on the basis of its proposals of 30 June new aids the euro rescue fund ESM. A proposal would be presented on Wednesday, was reported on Tuesday in government circles in Athens. Subsequently, the finance ministers of the euro group would advise on a conference call about it.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had already asked in a letter on 30 June at the ESM to "aid for financial stabilization" in the form of a loan, which should run over two years. The financial needs he gave to 29.1 billion euros. At the same time he called for a "restructuring" of Greek debt at ESM-EFSF predecessor.

The euro zone finance ministers are open to the words of the Irish department heads for a transformation of Greek government debt. "There is a general feeling that a restructuring of debt would be acceptable," Michael Noonan told the radio station RTE. He drew attention to measures that Ireland had taken as the extension of maturities and reduction of interest rates.

Next Monday is the next regular meeting of the Euro Group. Until then, the most important aspects of an agreement should be.

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