Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fishes are falling from the sky?

Fishes are falling from the sky?
Why these water creatures falling from the sky mysterious vertebrate emergence in the US state of Alaska: Several copies of the Arctic lamprey have been found at very unusual places. There is an explanation.

Due to the openings on the side is the animal "lamprey"
Guesswork in Fairbanks, the second largest city in the US state of Alaska: Since about a week are repeatedly found here copies of the Arctic lamprey. However, not near the water, where the eel-like animal actually belongs, but in parking lots or in front gardens.

According to the "Washington Post", among others, an employee of a second-hand store had discovered an alleged fish in the parking lot outside the store a few days ago. In particular, the many holes that had the animal on the sides of his scaleless mucosa, irritated wife. So they turned to the Alaska Department of Fish to Game, which from this point to the case concerned and in the area around Fairbanks found three other lampreys.

With her mouth to lampreys suck firmly to their prey
It has its name due to that animal "holes" on the sides. There are gill openings through which it breathes and the visually and lampreys appear along with the eyes on the head. Strictly speaking, it is the lamprey is not a fish. Even if the animal is similar to an eel, it is one of the cyclostomes, a Urgattung the jawless vertebrates. Also paired fins has not the lamprey.

Fishes are falling from the sky?
Adult animals have two dorsal fins, which give way to the tail. With its funnel-shaped mouth, with horn teeth, suck on their prey. Here but a secretion from which inhibits blood clotting in their prey and decompose the tissue - they suck their victims simply from. This did not survive the attack most. But even if the lamprey primarily hunts other animals - also it can be the prey themselves. This in turn is a possible explanation for the mysterious vertebrate rain in Alaska.

Nancy Sisinyak the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said the "Washington Post" that may gulls could have picked the lampreys and lost in flight. There were various indications, for example, scratches in the skin of the fish. Was exceptionally According to her, only the frequency which was due possibly to the current overpopulation of the Arctic lamprey.

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