Monday, July 6, 2015

Headphones review: Samsung Level On Wireless

Headphones review: Samsung Level On Wireless

For around 200 euros offers the Samsung headphones good facilities with Buetooth and electronic noise suppression. The test reveals whether the right sound. The Samsung Level On Wireless wears very comfortable with its soft cushions. Coupled via Bluetooth smart phones can be controlled with a finger tap on the right earcup. The warm sound like when the good effective noise-canceling is switched on. Well, the battery life of 14 hours 45 minutes.
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Now Rate this noble headphones from Samsung is available in two sizes as a Level Over and Level On. Compared to the ear-enclosing Level Over leaves the smaller Level On Ear resting construction expected. This is true only in very, very big ears. For most people, the level is on an ear-enclosing model - with its soft cushion a very comfortable. Thanks to Bluetooth, the Samsung does not require any cables. In the event that the battery in the headset is empty, Samsung supplies but also with a classic cable connection. The Bluetooth pairing works with compatible smartphones simply by NFC. iPhones and other devices without NFC require the usual one-time pairing procedure for the Bluetooth pairing. Instead fummeliger control buttons of the Samsung has a sensor surface on the right earcup. Stroked with his finger from top to bottom, the Kopfnörer quieter. A wipe in the opposite direction makes it louder, horizontal wipe causes a jump title. With a double-tip can pause or accept a call the music.

Good noise-canceling
A small switch on the Samsung Wireless Level On to turn on the electronic noise-reduction. The recorded via built-in microphones ambient noise and compensates for them electronically. That works when driving noises in bus and train well, also votes dampens the headphones properly. In a quiet area falls in periods without music on a very faint noise floor. This one takes but gladly accept, because the noise-canceling electronics also optimizes the sound of the headphones. He sounds with disconnected brake noise still discolored slightly nasal and somewhat tinny, so he drowned after turning warm and round. Fine details, however, he does not transmit. The battery lasted the test with activated Noise Management 14 hours 45 minute ride through, about one-third longer than promised by the manufacturer. With cable connection and noise canceling are over 20 hours in it.

Test result Samsung Level On Wireless
The Samsung Level On Wireless is not a bargain, provides for the price but a good value: The warm sound is pleasant, the noise-canceling effect. Practically on the go is the long battery life. Who can do without Bluetooth and noise suppression, reaches for the cheaper sister model Level On. By; Christoph de Leuw

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