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How to find the right puppy school?

How to find the right puppy school?
The new family member is finally here. To do it right from the beginning all, it is recommended to visit a puppy school. But the selection is great and so the choice is not always easy. To help you decide, you will find in this article the most important selection criteria for the right puppy school. Time is short, because especially in the first 16 weeks of life, the so-called embossing phase, form increasingly synapses in the brain, which are important for the development of the dog. The more the dog learns now, the more balanced he is later in life. In addition, anxieties and uncertainties are prevented. Therefore it is now worthwhile to put a lot of time in the training of puppies, in order to counteract future problems.

Good education begins at home
To start in the puppy training the sole transition to puppy school is not sufficient. Even at home, it is important regularly to deepen what they have learned and practice. The best thing is, get a list of things that are important to you. This includes not only that the dog well stop commands. One should consider whether the dog can go by bus or later must remain alone also. Even if he can jump or people welcome on the sofa or bed. All rules that are important to you, you should enforce from day consistently. Only in this way can the puppy from the beginning, what and what is right and wrong and will only later as a pleasant companion.

Race and age structure of a good puppy school
Looking for a suitable puppy school, you should keep in mind that your dog will get along later with as many races and does not begin to make theater when suddenly a big black dog turns the corner on a leash.

To achieve the greatest possible number of puppies of different sizes and race should be puppies Group. Small dogs learn that big dogs are no threat and learn the great, that one must be careful with young dogs.

Despite the age of the dog should be adjusted. So should not play with the 8 week old 500 gram Yorkshire Terrier in a group the six-month-old 30 kilo dog. In the game between heavy and small puppies that dogs should not be left unattended and should not drop the phrase "The clarify that. Among themselves" Even puppies form groups and sometimes bully a weaker. A good trainer refers to such things and shows how weak his dog properly protected and how interrupts his bully when to rough play properly.

The right size of the puppy group and what you should learn
In order for a trainer can respond individually to every dog ​​and every dog ​​owner can do justice, the puppy group should not take more than five or six pups per course. Only in this way can be addressed adequately enough to each question and dogs types.

A good coach teaches you in the puppy school not only the first basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come, but also how a dog learns and how to teach him something right. Aversive methods, ie those in which the dog is punished, they should immediately to move to look for another puppy school.

The aversive methods also include:
Immerse the dog's nose in his pee to get him housebroken
The so-called Alpha union, in which the dog is forced turned on its side
The mustache handle wherein the dog's hand is placed and pressed shut as punishment to the snout.
A modern, well-trained coach knows that such methods destroy the trust between dog and owner and are crowned by success in the long term not.

The dog trainer teaches instead special puppy knowledge, for example, as the dog is properly housebroken, how to build the bite impediment, suited what toys for the puppy or is inappropriate when the gear change takes place and what to expect during puberty Dog. He also tells you what things your puppy should get to know in the embossing phase necessarily and how to do it in time with various sounds familiar.

But that you also learn to be able to read your dog properly, also the subject expression behavior of the dog should be made in detail. Here you should be told what so-called appeasement signals are what mean different Rod- and ear positions and like a typical dog encounter expires.

What makes a really good puppy school?
In addition to the points already mentioned, there are some things that distinguish an excellent puppy school of a good puppy school. This means that the course takes place is not always in the same place, but that will be done with the puppies and enterprises, for example in the interior instead to retirement homes to kindergartens, to train stations, etc.. Thus, the embossing phase is ideally used and the puppy learns to execute commands not only in the puppy school, but also in other places and at the same time to behave well in public.

A puppy course with various substrates, seesaws, tunnels, balls pool, etc. Knisterfolie also speaks for a good dog school. Because even when passing through the course of the puppy learns confidently deal with new challenges. In addition, building on the joint work and joint overcoming of an obstacle the bond and trust to the holder.

Not least, the chemistry has to be right. Listen to your gut feeling. After all, the best puppy school is no fun if you do not like the coach or feels unwell for other reasons. Find a puppy school that meets all criteria, do not hesitate to log in.

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