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Huawei Talk band B1: The bracelet headset combo

Huawei Talk band B1: The bracelet headset combo

The Talk band B1 of the Chinese electronics giant Huawei is fitness wristband and headset in one. Whether this combination works. The fitness bracelet Huawei Talk band B1 including free headset is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones. For the B1 band Talk Huawei has thought up something special: By pressing a button you solve the black 1.4-inch OLED display from the tape in order to then use it as a hands-free headset with earphones and microphone can.

Huawei Talk band B1 - Compatible with older smartphones
By popular at fitness bracelets power-saving Bluetooth 4.0 handsfree function is not working. The Talk band communicates via Bluetooth 3.0 with the smartphone (iOS and Android 4.0+) and can be combined with older smartphones therefore. A vibration of the band signaled to the user interrupt the Bluetooth connection. On the one hand practically, because you have your smartphone can not be so somewhere. In the test, but disturbed the many vibration alerts when the band was out cell phone range.

Mediocre voice quality
The voice quality is fine, but can not compete with high-quality headsets. For incoming calls, the band displays the caller's phone number, but not the name of the mobile phone address book. A disadvantage is that the display is hardly readable in sunlight. To answer the call, you take by pressing the Entsperrknopfes the display of the band. Three earbuds in different sizes guarantee an optimal fit in the ear. The comparatively short arm with the microphone makes the headset a bit prone to wind and other background noises.

Deteriorating health functions
The functions in fitness fall compared to the competition a bit puny. Although the band Talk counts steps and calories, let the test but shorter distances involved. Cycling and other movements can not capture is not even a grudge over the corresponding smartphone app. Additional features include sleep analysis and alarm clock. The 'smart alarm "warns you even before an unintentional naps, about the office. The vibrating alert of Talk bands is only slightly noticeable.

Built-in USB bar
The battery provides power for about six days the Handsfree connection. To charge the Talk band has built a handy USB connector. Easy to fold away and already the protective rubber plug is exposed. In about two hours, the tape is then loaded via a USB connection. The band itself can be opened via two pushbuttons and close - much too easily. The rigid charging plug at the end of levers in test closure every now and then inadvertently on - risk of loss.
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Function arms App
The app offered in test functions and hardly seemed unfinished by strange formulations and with one or the other button in Mandarin Chinese. Privacy concerns are unfounded, because the app keeps the data of the tape itself, a cloud storage is not provided. Downside: When mobile exchange all data is gone.

Conclusion: Huawei Talk band B1
The idea of ​​combining a speakerphone with fitness functions is actually smart. But unfortunately leaves the equipment in fitness to be desired. At least the voice quality is still okay.

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