Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Man hoarding nearly 90 kilos of TNT explosives in a family house

TNT explosives in a family house
Photo: Wolfgang Runge
Police officers and specialists of the explosives disposal unit transported into Winnert material from a single family.  Only a tank in the basement of a villa, now an arsenal in a family home: Just by chance investigators have discovered a collection of weapons. A grenade they had to blow up on site.

Winnert / Flensburg (dpa) - For the second time within a week investigators in Schleswig-Holstein have made a spectacular discovery of arms. By chance policemen discovered in a house in the North Frisian Winnert crates of bazookas, hand grenades and machine guns.

Among other things, camped in the house almost 90 kilograms of explosive TNT. "In addition, the officers seized 40 rifles, including a machine gun, several handguns, 2 rocket-propelled grenades and a land mine of Russian origin", Flensborg senior public prosecutor Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt said Wednesday. A hand grenade had to be blown up controls as early as Tuesday on site.

The running already since Tuesday raids continued in the afternoon to continue. The owner is a 35-year-old who has no criminal record. "The background is completely unclear," said Steel Man Liebelt. Against him is investigated for a possible violation of the War Weapons Control Act.

On the trail of the man, the investigators came quite by accident. This was triggered by an investigation of the Federal in connection with so-called Salut weapons. A spokeswoman declined to comment unspecified to the current proceeding. The man from northern Friesland to have introduced five of these non-shot-capable weapons from Slovakia. In fact, it should have been possible to make these decorative weapons with simple means more war fit.

Where the North German has obtained the other weapons is also unclear how the question of whether it is a fool's weapons or whether there is another serious background. The seized weapons and ammunition were mainly from the Second World War. The ammunition was said to be partially buried in the garden. According to information of "Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publishing company" the husband works as a technician for wind turbines. He shall live alone in the family house.

Only last week the discovery of a World War I-tank and anti-aircraft guns had caught in the cellar of a villa in Heikendorf near Kiel worldwide sensation. With the help of armored recovery vehicles of the Bundeswehr, the prosecution had seized the weapons.

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