Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Polar RC3 GPS: Easy to use heart rate monitor

Polar RC3 GPS: Easy to use heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor Polar RC3 GPS offers pretty much everything wants the endurance athletes. But not all. The design is slim and the technology functional. eVivam the heart rate monitor from Polar has considered in detail for you. The design of the Polar RC3 GPS is coherent. The heart rate monitor provides all the essentials for runners. The manual of the heart rate monitor Polar RC3 GPS you can place safely aside. If the clock is unpacked, it only takes a few minutes until you can graduate with their first training session. Time, weight, size and other basic details are set quickly. Then it's almost going on already.

Polar RC3 GPS: Good reception
The sensor for pulse measurement detects the clock fix if it is only once connected to the chest strap. The GPS receiver works just as well. Outdoors the heart rate monitor will immediately take the necessary satellites for position determination.
The RC3 GPS incidentally is the first clock of Polar with integrated GPS. The battery life has not suffered through this function. When the GPS the rechargeable battery of the heart rate monitor keeps about twelve hours.

The "Running Index" for runners
The Polar RC3 GPS is a heart rate monitor primarily for runners, although you can choose other sports such as cycling. The so-called "Running Index" shows how the mileage developed. He determined on the basis of heart rate and speed data, which measures the heart rate monitor during training. The "Running Index" builds on a five-minute fitness test, the result of the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is comparable. But there is also the option to enter the lab readings from sports physicians manually.

Useful additional functions
In addition, the RC3 GPS offers a range of other functions. It calculates the calorie consumption, the optimal training load and the ideal balance between rest breaks and running sessions. After each workout gives you the GPS clock instant feedback. The data appear legibly on the display. Later you can it easily using the USB cable in the staff training portal Polar upload.

Conclusion: Training for pulse and speed
For runners the Polar RC3 GPS is ideal. It offers all the functions that are important for endurance training. The design is slim, and the clock feels good on your wrist. Despite GPS focuses on training for pulse. The pity is that the clock only the transmission technology WIND uses. This limits the choice of accessories very involved in products from Polar. Nevertheless, the design of the clock is consistent, easy handling. And with around 220 Euro (Amazon, Stand 05.21.2015) also agrees the price-performance ratio.

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