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Princess Charlotte Baptism

Princess Charlotte Baptism
This baptism was so royal normal! Two months after her birth, Princess Charlotte is recorded as the youngest son of the British Royals in the Christian community. It's the time being last act of a royal development. It was as unobtrusive as continuous development. So slowly that they go unnoticed for a long time. But it can no longer deny. The perfectly choreographed, populist and unspectacular baptism of Princess Charlotte, the youngest member of the British royal family, has finally revealed how the royal family has changed over the past decade and a half: the wild days are over.

The descendants of the Queen have trapped. They are no longer the involuntary Stars an internationally broadcast soap opera about forbidden love, ludicrous fantasies about tampons, treason, profligacy, death and depravity. The Royals of today are no band of unstable adulterers more. Instead, the little Charlotte seems to be born into a remarkably normal family, consisting of caring parents who love to proud grandparents and great-grandparents facilitated.

When this lengthy process of normalization of Windsor began, will never let you say with absolute certainty. But most likely it will have been that evening in 2004, at which a single-minded, self-confident student at the University of St. Andrews to chose to participate in the fashion show of a friend. She slipped into a black bikini, pulled a transparent dress over the pretty figure, coiffed brown hair to Angel curls and so twisted her fellow students William Windsor, the future King of England, the head.

As the Queen acts Kate dutifully and reliable
Kate Middleton, as she was then called, should prove to be just made prove the role of the future queen - the most intense and demanding, which has to forgive the royal family. Since it is 11 years ago in the center of the public since that night, she did not a single false step, yielded no temptation and all hopes of new scandals disappointed. It is as if the whole family had settled down since she is one of them.

Princess Charlotte Baptism

George, William and Kate on arrival to the person to be baptized in the stroller
Even when William left her briefly and she had all the opportunity to indiscretion, she remained silent and loyal. A little later it was ready and the first commoner since the 17th century mastered their engagement and the wedding party like a princess out of a storybook. Rumors of squabbles within the royal family never could be maintained. As it was, the Queen displeased the short dresses, fell their skirt hems immediately below the knee. The style of the family head, it seems in any case from year to year to approach further, not only as regards the choice of her wardrobe. As the Queen acts Kate dutiful, reliable, quiet and in a pleasant way with no special features.

"Capable Kate" it is called, "Kate, the Efficient". With the birth of two children, she now has her royal duties -, met without complaint quickly and stoic - all morning sickness defiance. "An heir and a spare", they say, be expected of a prince consort: an heir and a spare in. George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elisabeth Diana secure the British throne after her father and grandfather on rank 3 and 4 and refer Prince Harry, the only of his generation with dangerous penchant for unpredictability, place. 5

Having children, it has also managed the Duchess in the service of their in-laws to strengthen the semblance of normalcy yet: father Prince William took both children a few hours after birth by hand from the clinic from, fought with the baby seat and took leave to diapers switch.

The first baby photos were no official royal portraits but snapshots of Mama and Grandpa. It so happens that the young family in the UK is now referred to in all seriousness as "ordinary" - as totally normal. The 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace, which they have just renovated for more than four and a half million pounds, is described by staff as "normal family home", "neither opulent nor lush".

The baptism, to which only the closest family members and the five godparents were asked was an extraordinarily modest end event for the ratios of the Windsors. The young family was walking to church. George went to Papas hand, Charlotte was in a stroller. The official pictures of the terrible nice family should shoot after the ceremony star photographer Mario Testino. Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, wore the famous christening of 1841. She looked great. Your radiant, bourgeois, almost perfect mother of course.

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