Monday, July 6, 2015

Robert (✝23) gave his life for two children

Robert (✝23) gave his life for two children
Robert drowned while rescue operation. With a large contingent, including a helicopter (r.) The volunteer fire Stockerau was looking for Robert. The help came for the 23-year-olds still too late. He died on the shore. © WCC, FF Stockerau
Stockerau - Large mourning for a Hero: The 23-year-old paramedic Robert has two girls saved his life. After it left the force. The water in the Stockerauer Au (Lower Austria) is not really deep. A maximum of two meters. Many local people like to go here on this natural beach on the tributary of the Danube. Since Friday is about this really cheerful carefree place something like a veil of sadness. Because here, a young man gave his life to save the two little girls.

Robert Haas from Hollabrunn studied in Vienna. But it took the 23-year-olds getting back home to Hollerau. When the temperature had already exceeded the 30 degrees on Friday afternoon, it pulled the emergency medical technician to cool the water. And then everything happened very quickly: Robert looked at the river two girls, six and twelve years old. They fought desperately for their lives, were probably erupted in a maelstrom. The young man did not hesitate: He fell on it, it still succeeded the children to bring ashore in safety. Then he probably left the forces: Robert was himself captured by the flow and went under the water.

The summoned Volunteer Fire Brigade Stockerau searched for 20 minutes before she found Robert. All attempts to revive him were futile. Robert died.

The Austrian Red Cross grief for Robert is great. After the civil service he had there enjoyed more training, recently, reports the Courier, the 23-year-old had only completed the exam for youth group leaders. The President of the WCC, Willi Sauer, wrote on the website moving words: "Robert Haas has given the most valuable thing a man can give in the service of charity. He gave his life so that two children be allowed to live. Robert has become a shining star of humanity. He was human, human to the last. For Love of the people. "

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