Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Samsung certified dealer for SSD Upgrade

Samsung certified dealer for SSD Upgrade

No other single component may PCs and notebooks in everyday life so noticeably and sustainably accelerate as Solid State Drives. What particular benefit retailer of upgrades to the new technology, showing Samsung now with workshops and an upgrade action in the ongoing promotional roadshow.

Samsung SSD workshops and upgrade campaign
Again and again, Samsung SSDs have received awards in the last few months. No wonder users are tired of minutes to wait at each boot, and no other individual component accelerates new and older PC or notebook in everyday life so noticeable as Solid State Drives. For retailers, this results in new sales potential, because this growth market can be tapped with both new systems as well as in the form of upgrades of existing PC or notebook for your customers. Traders who wish to benefit from this development, can now learn the simple installation of a Samsung SSD in the context of current Samsung SSD Roadshow as well as improving their SSD expertise. The workshops on site and the upgrade certificate lay the foundations to enable new and existing customers and to provide them with a new speed experience in their daily work.

As part of an exclusive SSD upgrade service, the experts of Samsung build a previously purchased and independently evaluate played SSD (840 EVO 1 TB, 840 EVO 500 GB or 840 EVO 250 GB) in a Packed laptop, netbook or ultrabook. To experience the SSD practice and guide the conversion from hard disk to the Samsung SSD. Numerous workshops, a specialized trade training and individual meetings provide practical know-how and valuable background information for customer support. Participants will receive an upgrade certificate, and a Samsung surprise package worth around 50 euros.

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