Wednesday, July 29, 2015

She saved her son and died caught in an escalator

She saved her son and died caught in an escalator
She saved her son and died caught in an escalator/youtube video
China. It happened in a shopping center in the province of Jingzhou, China. Security cameras recorded the fact of shopping. A Chinese woman died over the weekend when caught in an escalator and suddenly sinking the top. Before dying, she managed to save the life of his son who accompanied her, reported the Chinese state television CCTV.

The accident, picked up by security camera footage of the mall, it happened in Jingzhou City, central China's Hubei Province, when the woman realized some shopping with his two year old son and her husband.

In the images it shows how women and children jumped escalators normally amounting from fifth to sixth floor of the building, but when the end, the metal plate that acts as a transition between the steps and the floor collapsed building when the two were on it.

Within tenths of a second woman, closer to the life of his son to his, pushing it to be away from the hole, as she slowly sinking, driven by mobile stairs and despite attempts Two employees of the center to get her out of there.

Rescuers took four hours to recover the body of the woman, in her 30s and has revealed that only his surname, Xiang. It is not the first fatal accident involving escalators occurred in China in recent years, since in 2011 a child died in a similar incident in the subway in Beijing, when the steps by rising suddenly changed direction.

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