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Sony MDR-1aDAC: Test of precious headphone

Sony MDR-1aDAC: Test of precious headphone

Test Conclusion: You Need to Know. Thanks to built-in amplifier and the connection options for Lightning and mini-USB The Sony MDR-1aDAC provides a good sound with strong bass. However, he has no headset function and must occasionally at the outlet. Best online price for this product: 227,00 Euro *

Rate it The MDR-1aDAC has nothing to do with the yellow angels. The name is made up of MDR-1A - like the same precious headphones - and the abbreviation DAC together. DAC stands for Digital Analog Converter, that is, for a digital-to-analog converter, which is built into this headphone. In order for the sound to be better. What does that actually brings in practice, the test shows.

Three types of connection
The Sony MDR-1aDAC brings a whopping 301 grams on the scale. This can be seen after some time on the head, even when the headset is very well padded. On the left ear, the terminals are housed. If you use the classic headphone cable, the music also runs without battery, but even without DAC assistance. The transducer is only active when you close the Lightning- or USB cable to the phone. In addition, then the power button needs to be pressed. On the right earpiece sits a volume wheel, which is recessed to prevent unauthorized changes something. This makes it difficult, however, for thick fingers and the desired adjustment. And there is a special feature: Connected to the iPhone, the wheel volume controls right on the smartphone. On Android smartphone, however, only the volume of the headphones will change. Is the smartphone so set very low, the headset does not reach the maximum volume. Consequently, you have to turn at the beginning of two Einstellschräubchen. The cables for different devices provides Sony with. Stupid: A headset function has none of them.

Sound varies depending on the connection
In the test, the MDR-1aDAC surprised with slightly different results in the listening test, whichever cable was connected. The best sound is achieved when using the iPhone over the Lightning connector. Then If the bass is very present, strong and sound Picture for headphones rather untypical in his face as between the ears. On Android smartphone it sounded in the test a little less crisp, but very similar overall. With conventional cord of Sony disappointed with comparatively dull and faded sound. That's worse than the MDR-1A, while digital connection is clearer via USB or Lightning cable the sound somewhat more detailed and votes. Pleasant for passengers on the train: The noise at 80 decibels listening volume is at one meter with measured 0.095 Sone very low. The term of the built-in battery for the converter support was tested at 15 hours.

The Sony MDR-1aDAC delivers its digital connectors Mini-USB and Lightning a good sound with strong bass. The cost for this is, however, high: The technology makes the headset expensive, the battery must be charged regularly and the headset has no headset function. By; Jan Becker

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