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Soundcheck: The Best Headphones

Soundcheck: The Best Headphones in Test

Rock, hip-hop, classical or blues: What kind of music you also favor - with good headphones and enjoy your favorite songs only really! Anyone who thinks that to have safe hands with the purchase of a smartphone or MP3 player with accompanying headphones, you're wrong. Right here save manufacturers generally. The Headphone Test overview of COMPUTER BILD shows which models produce the perfect soundscape.

For each of the right headphone type
Depending on where and how you listen to music, there are four types to choose from: in-ear headphones are small, disappearing so quickly times in your pocket, strap headphones are significantly larger, but often more comfortable. For frequent travelers to headphones recommend against noise. Those who like to wirelessly like, picks up the Bluetooth headphones.

In-ear headphones: Clean ear
They sit relatively deep in the ear, dampen In-ear models noise from the outside well - great to sink into the music, but dangerous on the road. They often cause a slight sensation of pressure in the ear, which some people feel uncomfortable. Manufacturers such as Beyerdynamic, Ultimate Ears and Etymotic Research therefore provide for specific models a special service: An audiologist takes impressions of the ears and forms the stopper accordingly. This ensures a perfect fit An in-ear-tip for sound gourmets of the Ultimate Ears UE 11 Pro. the earplugs provided in the test the best sound quality, belonged with approximately 1,300 Euro but also by far the most expensive in the test specimens. Price-performance winner among the in-ear headphones, the Sennheiser CX 1:00, which costs about 40 Euro and very natural and detailed sound provides.

Headband headphones: In the ear
Many strap models are compatible smartphone, some have a hands-free microphone with control buttons on the cord. Headband headphones can be set up easily, but do not keep well while jogging. There are open and closed headphones. The open let pass sound waves in both directions: environmental noises remain audible, the user does not feel completely cut off from the outside world. The other way around get with the person sitting next to what the smartphone is currently playing. Closed headphones can hardly music penetrate to the outside and insulate ambient noise. As a rule, they deliver powerful bass, as they concentrate the sound waves to the ear of the user. Among the large enclosed strap headphones Sony MDR-1R is the best in the test.

Soundcheck: The Best Headphones in Test

The category headband headphones under 70 euros, the Koss Porta Pro, the scores with subtle tones and strong bass recommends. Of course, it gets even better: In the class up to 100 euros the noble Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear is the first choice. The strap headphone convinces among others with strong bass and pleasant highs. Money Does not matter, pick up the Beyerdynamic T 51 i. The best headband headphones in the test has a high comfort and are impressive with a very good balanced sound. The kit includes a cable-free microphone and volume control for iPhone & Co - Who needs a headset, resorts to cheaper variant T 51 p.

Bluetooth headset: way to the cables
Clutter you do not like? With Bluetooth models, the music ends up by smartphone, tablet or PC wirelessly to your ears - assuming all devices support the standard. One of the best models on the market: Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8. With a price of around 500 euros but it is not a bargain. Also good and with a price of 100 Euro Lower Price: Jabra Revo Wireless. In the category In-Ear Bluetooth handset convinced the Beats by Dr. Dre PowerBeats2.

Headphones Noise: Noise-Cancelling magic word
To hide when listening to music ambient noise, such as the turbine noise on the plane or the rattle of the train? There are special headphones with built-in electronics that filters interfering frequencies (noise-canceling). This technology is usually in strap headphones - which is reflected accordingly reflected in the price. The Bose QuietComfort 25 for about 200 euros swallowed as effective as any other headphones in the test environment sound. The headband headphones Sennheiser MM 450 Travel scores twice: When Bluetooth headphones he puts an end to the stripping stress and hides the surrounding level of noise from - he is but sonically inferior to the Bose model. There are noise-canceling headphones as in-ear version: In this division is the expensive Bose QuietComfort 20i a recommendation.

Beats & Co .: What are good design headphones?
And how it looks with the chic headphones with logos of musicians and fashion labels? Blade the hip parts as good as they look? Or offer similarly expensive models of renowned specialists a better sound experience? A well-known specimen of design handset, the Beats by Dre Solo HD, let the headphone test springs - sonically he offered only average. His big brother, the Beats Studio, also did not convince when it comes to price-performance in its first version with coated Bass and poorly differentiated details. The new edition, the Beats Studio 2.0, sounds much better - but it costs a lot commission. Due to the built-in noise reduction technology, the last two copies in the category Noise-canceling headphones find.

Important: Put before purchasing and try it!
Try headphones from possible before buying. Because then you will hear whether you really like the sound - and you can feel whether the model fits comfortably. When shopping online, you use your right of return if not satisfied. Note, however: In-Ear Headphones are excluded as hygiene articles returnable. By; Christoph de Leuw, Steven Plöger

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