Sunday, July 5, 2015

Supply ship reaches ISS

Supply ship reaches ISS

Moscow - twice it went wrong last, but this time a freighter docked to the Space Station. On board are food and scientific equipment - and films for the three men in space. After two serious mishaps a Russian transporter for the first time brought supplies to the International Space Station since April again. The unmanned "Progress" -Frachter with around 2.5 tons of food and equipment docked on Sunday without any problems at outposts of humanity, such as the flight control center near Moscow announced. Last two transporters had not reached their target in 400 kilometers altitude due to technical defects. "All good things come in threes," said US astronaut Scott Kelly, who works with the Russians Mikhail Korniyenko and Gennadi Padalka on the ISS. Only a week ago the US cargo ship "Dragon" was broken after the start.

After the automatic docking of "Progress" the spaceman initiated a pressure equalization. Only then they can open the hatch and unload the supply ship. "It's like Christmas in July," Padalka said the arrival of the freighter. There are important scientific equipment, for example, a measuring device for exploring the brain activity in weightlessness on board. Also fresh food, oxygen and water and private mail for the crew are charging.

"The cosmonauts have ordered Movies", said a spokesman for the flight control center. Therefore, the Russian space agency Roskosmos had sent a USB stick with the Fyodor Dostoevsky-adaptations "Crime and Punishment" and "The Brothers Karamazov" into space. A relaxing video with nature photographs is stored on.

The "Progress" was launched from the spaceport in Baikonur (Kazakhstan) last Friday. The Russian space freighter are not reusable. After docking, they are filled with waste, disconnected after several months and made to burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. In August, the Japanese HTV cargo ship to bring the inventories to the ISS next. The replenishment is particularly necessary because then work six astronauts in the flying laboratory.

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